Senior Data Engineer (London)

Available in:

Apply by: 28 February 2019

Essential Experience

* Software development experience with distributed data storage and processing technologies including Hadoop and Spark and using JVM languages.

* Experience of leading the development of substantial components for large-scale data processing solutions, taking responsibility for non-functional needs of ETL/ELT data processing pipelines such as robustness, performance and security. ‘Development’ incorporates design, code, test defect resolution and operational readiness, and includes setting the standards for these activities.

* Coaching and mentoring experience in data development disciplines with the ability to gain the respect of a junior team.

* Ability to advise architects and other stakeholder on detailed technology and development practice and on development estimates.

* Ability to make effective decisions within fast-moving Agile delivery and to lead on troubleshooting.

* Strong understanding of tools, design methodologies and best practice.

* Ability to clearly communicate technical design both written and verbally.

Desirable Experience

* Software development experience with Cloudera’s distribution of Apache Hadoop and with Python.

* Experience of data visualisation and data complex data transformations, including ETL tools such as Talend.

* Able to productionise machine learning algorithms.

* Understanding of text processing including Natural Language Processing.

Experience with steaming and event-processing architectures including technologies such as Kafka and change-data-capture products.

* Data modelling experience with data storage technology, such as document, graph, log stores and other non-relational platforms.

* Open source contributor

Kainos is a professional services organisation with clients spread across the globe and we deliver projects both from client site, and from our offices. While we will attempt to base you on projects near or at your contracted office location, you need to be willing to travel to client sites and spend time away during the week if it is required.

Given the range and nature of work that we carry out for our clients, all Kainos employees are required to possesses up to date security clearance (Basic Disclosure, Access NI etc), if you do not already possess this, you will be asked to apply for it prior to joining Kainos.

Everyone who is offered a position here undergoes a background check; whether a criminal record excludes you from a career with Kainos depends on the role and the offences.

We’re an inclusive bunch at Kainos and we believe in equal opportunity. We welcome applications from all walks of life, including those with criminal records. Everyone who is offered a position here undergoes a background check, however no one is treated differently due to their background where it isn’t relevant to the role. It’s important to note – failure to reveal information which is relevant to the position sought, could result in us having to withdraw the conditional offer of employment.

In short: Having a criminal record will not exclude you from a career with Kainos. This depends entirely on the nature and requirements of the position, together with the circumstances and background of offences.