Solution Architect (Ops)

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As a Solution Architect (Ops) in Kainos, you’ll be responsible for leading multi-skilled agile teams to design and deliver high quality solutions which delight our customers and impact the lives of users worldwide. You’ll work with customer architects to design, automate, build and operate modern digital service platforms, advising on estimated effort and technical implications and complexity surrounding your designs. As a technical leader, you will work with your peers to develop policy and standards, share knowledge and mentor those around you. You’ll do this whilst advising about new technologies and approaches, with room to learn, develop and grow.

Essential Experience:

Expertise in and to have successfully designed and delivered modern digital service platforms.

Understands whole solution architecture concepts and can communicate and negotiate these with customer architects.

Can prioritise non-functional concerns for customers and incorporate them into the platform design.

Expertise in using public cloud platforms - such as AWS and Azure - to build solutions across a variety of problem domains using native SaaS and PaaS offerings.

Able to simply and clearly communicate technical design in conversation, documentation and presentations.

Able to make effective decisions within fast-moving delivery.

Experience mentoring and coaching members of your team and wider community

Active participation in knowledge sharing activities, both within the team and at a wider capability level and externally where appropriate.

Expertise in utilising the latest approaches and technologies – including container orchestrators - to build and release operationally ready software to production.

Desirable Experience:

Proven experience being accountable for all sizes of technology delivery challenges, e.g. project, multi-team programme.

Has pro-actively developed business across an account with sales and account managers.

Able to prioritise their time across multiple major projects.

Actively shares their thoughts and views on technology.

Has participated in technology communities.

Expertise in using multiple public cloud providers.

We’re an inclusive bunch at Kainos and we believe in equal opportunity. We welcome applications from all walks of life, including those with criminal records. Everyone who is offered a position here undergoes a background check, however no one is treated differently due to their background where it isn’t relevant to the role. It’s important to note – failure to reveal information which is relevant to the position sought, could result in us having to withdraw the conditional offer of employment.

In short: Having a criminal record will not exclude you from a career with Kainos. This depends entirely on the nature and requirements of the position, together with the circumstances and background of offences.