Senior Data Analyst

Available in:

Apply by: 31 December 2018

Essential Experience

* Experience of facilitating workshops and discussions to effectively gather requirements and achieve a joint understanding of data and insight needs

* Able to understand the client’s business challenges and recommend data visualisation and dashboard approaches to help address customer needs. Able to identify missed opportunities for data insight.

* Able to review and comment on data models– for example pointing out why models are defective and suggesting improvements.

* Clear written and verbal communications; able to communicate with a wide range of people.

* Familiar with the production of data analysis outputs such as profiling reports data quality reports and data visualisations. Confident in summarising and presenting conclusions for senior stakeholders, telling the ‘data story’ without using jargon.

* Experience in manipulating or wrangling data for analysis

* Proficient in more than one reporting or data visualisation platform.

* Strong SQL knowledge; able to read and understand XML and JSON.

* Able to produce proposed implementation plans for data analysis work, including estimated effort and technical implications of data insight products.

* Strong leadership, analytical and communication skills with a passion for data-driven decision making and for establishing best practice

* Line management experience - able to give feedback and mentor more junior colleagues

We’re an inclusive bunch at Kainos and we believe in equal opportunity. We welcome applications from all walks of life, including those with criminal records. Everyone who is offered a position here undergoes a background check, however no one is treated differently due to their background where it isn’t relevant to the role. It’s important to note – failure to reveal information which is relevant to the position sought, could result in us having to withdraw the conditional offer of employment.

In short: Having a criminal record will not exclude you from a career with Kainos. This depends entirely on the nature and requirements of the position, together with the circumstances and background of offences.