London, 8th August 2016 – Kainos Group plc (KNOS), a leading UK-based provider of IT, consulting and software solutions, has announced the successful go-live of its Kainos Evolve solution with South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (SECAmb). Evolve improves patient care by allowing SECAmb clinicians to capture electronic Patient Clinical Record (ePCR) data at the scene of the incident and share it with receiving hospitals at the A&E department, clinic or ward.

The accurate capture and sharing of critical information improves patient care starting at the incident scene. The solution runs on an Apple iPad and works both on and offline. This means that SECAmb clinicians can capture patient information wherever an incident happens. Having up-to-date patient information at their fingertips, often in pressurised emergency situations, helps clinicians make well-informed care decisions quickly.


SECAmb is implementing Evolve to replace a paper-heavy process and transform the efficiency of care at every stage of engagement with patients. Capturing data electronically at the scene of an incident ensures efficient and legible handover to hospital staff on arrival, and up-to-date patient records become available immediately to clinicians anywhere in the Trust, for review and/or auditing. Previously it took up to six weeks to scan, review, store and distribute information from paper forms – with Evolve they are available immediately.

Mark Chivers, Head of IT, SECAmb, commented: “This is an important project for the Trust: not only does it improve patient care quality and efficiency, but it also takes us forward on our mission to be digitally mature. We wanted the perfect solution – no compromises – and to do that we picked the device first. The iPad is intuitive and the clinicians use it not just for ePCR but for messaging, web browsing and more. Additionally, it allows SECAmb to benefit from the inherent security benefits of iOS, so data remains safe wherever our staff need to be. In Evolve, we found the best solution for our needs: it’s an intuitive, easy-to-use app that captures incident information accurately and allows seamless handover to our partner Trusts, helping them streamline care. What’s more, Evolve’s data analysis capability helps to improve our service in the future.”

Steve Topley, Clinical Lead, SECAmb, added: “Providing a hospital with a seamless handover of accurate electronic incident notes makes it quicker and easier for them to provide rapid, focused care. It saves precious time and greatly improves outcomes for patients. And the less obvious benefits are massive – for example, with Evolve’s electronic record there is never any need to waste time trying to decipher cryptic handwriting!”


Richard Barron, Software Developer and Business Analyst, SECAmb, added: “Our clinicians worked closely with the Evolve team to make this project a success. By consolidating four paper forms into one Evolve electronic form, we eliminated duplicate information and now have a joined-up system that works on and off line. This helps reduce overheads and risks associated with paper, and improves the service we provide to our patients.

Brendan Mooney, CEO of Kainos concluded: “Implementing the Evolve ePCR into an Ambulance Service is a crucial step in the evolution of healthcare. As SECAmb integrates more and more with hospitals and other care-facilities, patient care will improve and the efficiency of the whole service will increase. As an Apple mobility partner, this project highlights the value and strength of Evolve’s relationship with Apple. Together, with our customers, we’re delivering solutions that are making a real difference to patient care and outcomes.”