Ten Takeaways from Strata + Hadoop World
Manhattan was overrun with almost 6000 big data and analytics enthusiasts last week.  The Strata + Hadoop conference was hosted as part of NYC Data week and myself and Thomas Swann represented Kainos.  The enthusiasm and excitement from the attendees was palpable, with the realisation that our industry is now in the midst of a genuine revolution.  Below are ten…
Big Data – Security and Compliance
In recent years Hadoop has proven to be a disruptive technology in the world of data storage and processing. It’s rise to prominence as an open source platform for performing “big data” analytics has shaken up how many companies think about the ways in which they can transform and derive value from their most important data assets….
The Future Isn’t What It Used To Be
Predictions “Our clients want us to help them predict the future” was a statement made to me during a recent chat with a customer. Now, you may think my initial reaction was to laugh or to await a punch line, but my response was, perhaps unpredictably, “Well, if you don’t help them, someone else will”,…