Smart Shield: Intelligent data masking for Workday

Workday’s built-in security ensures your financial and HR data is safe in production. But in non-production environments like Sandbox, there can be real copies of that sensitive data for testing, training, deployments, and more.

Elevated access to non-production tenants can give users access to confidential data that they don't require. So how do you ensure the right people, have the right access, to the right data, at the right time?

Meet Smart Shield - Intelligent Workday data masking


Data masking for all Workday fields

Smart Shield allows you to mask all the data you deem sensitive to your business including HCM, Financials, Payroll, Benefits, Recruiting, and Talent Management.

With the ability to offer different masking rules for groups or individual users, Smart Shield supports all non-production environments including Sandbox, Sandbox Preview and Implementation tenants.



Works with Proxy

One of Workday’s most powerful features in non-production environments is the Proxy feature, as it allows users to perform tasks and see data as someone else.

Smart Shield allows users to leverage data masking with Workday's Proxy functionality to perform tasks, but only see data aligned to their masking rules.


Underlying data remains intact

Smart Shield is ‘masking’ not ‘scrambling’ data, so your underlying data in the tenant remains untouched should you need it for any other purpose.

Workday data masking that fits your needs

Smart Shield was designed with Workday users in mind. With easy set-up, you can get up and running with Smart Shield for immediate peace of mind.

Supports Workday Proxy
Masking rules are applied when the logged in user utilises Workday’s proxy functionality.

Profile-driven controls
Ensure the right people, have the right access, to the right data, at the right time.
Timebound access
Grant access to data only for the time a user needs to perform certain tasks.
Support for all non-production tenants
Consistent masking experience across all Sandbox, Implementation and Preview Workday tenants.

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Support for your functional teams and beyond

Smart Shield offers unmatched coverage across all Workday fields, providing configurable data-masking for the full Workday HCM and Financial suite, and those who access them:

Mask sensitive and personally identifiable information to respect the privacy of your workforce, by protecting data such as Compensation, Diversity & Inclusion and Performance. While at the same time, support data protection regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, FERPA etc.
Limits access to financial and accounting records, protecting against insider trading risk, loss of competitive advantage, fraud, and non-compliance with regulations such as SOX, SOC 1, UK MAR, EU MAR etc.
Provides IT teams with additional controls to safeguard data in non-production environments, while providing sufficient access to test, support and maintain their organisations’ Workday configuration.
Provides additional control when implementation and support partners require access to non-production tenants.

Powered by Workday experts for Workday users

Smart Shield is the latest in a suite of Workday products from Kainos, alongside the award-winning automated testing solution Smart Test, and automated auditing platform Smart Audit. As Workday partners since 2011, we understand how critical Workday is to your workforce and business operations.

We are a Workday Software, Services, and Extend Partner, providing Workday solutions to hundreds of clients globally. With over a thousand in-house Workday certified specialists Kainos is uniquely positioned to create industry leading products that genuinely make a difference.