Recruitment notice

We are aware that some people have been offered fraudulent jobs or positions with Kainos, by individuals pretending to act on our behalf. This type of fraud usually occurs through online services including fake websites, social media accounts, online recruitment sites or unsolicited emails. Often employee names and company logos are used to try to convey authenticity and the correspondence is used to solicit bank details or harvest personal details. 

Information regarding legitimate career opportunities with Kainos can always be found on our careers website here.

Please be vigilant to this type of fraudulent activity, if you are unsure whether a communication you have received is authentic, please review the guidance below:  

  • Kainos will always and only ever contact you from a verifiable email address, any variation of this should be treated as fraudulent. We will never use Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or any other non-official email account to communicate with potential candidates 
  • Kainos will never make an official job offer without a formal interview taking place 
  • Kainos will never conduct interviews via Google Hangouts or Skype 
  • Kainos will never charge any fees in advance of you starting employment if you are being asked for money, no matter what reason is given, you are being scammed 
  • Kainos will never ask you to provide sensitive identification details at the start of the process – like your date of birth, bank details or a copy of your passport or driver's licence. We will only ever need these details if we have made a formal job offer and you have signed a contract.  
  • Kainos has no affiliation with the following sites: If you have received communication directing you to this website please ignore and cease communication as this is a fraudulent recruitment activity.

If you have received a job offer that is unexpected or sounds too good to be true feel free to reach out to us to verify any details. Or if you wish to verify a communication, reach out to us at:

Tips for protecting yourself from recruitment fraud

Search the company name, compare what you find to the information sent to you and visit the company’s website. Be sure to check the URL or web address of the company – does it match exactly with what you have been sent? Scammers will use a different variation of the company website address. 

Until you have done your research and know for sure the employer and job are legitimate, you should not: 

  • Use any contact information in the job posting or on the website 
  • Share your personal or financial details with anyone offering you a job 
  • Register a resume or set up a profile 
  • Respond to unsolicited offers of employment from people you do not know 
  • Engage in further communication if you believe the communication may be fraudulent. 

Where do I go for more information? 

If you believe you have been the victim of recruitment fraud, we advise you to contact your local authorities.