People and policies

Profiles of our key people and our policies

Our Senior Team

The Group’s board comprises two executive directors and five non-executive directors, all of whom have considerable experience and formidable track records of success.

They are supported by a strong executive management tier that combines deep experience gained from working with global technology vendors with high-quality expertise and continuity from long-term Kainos employees.

Board of Directors

Russell Sloan
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) ·
Tom Burnet
Independent Non-Executive Chairman ·
Chairs the Nomination Committee and sits on the Remuneration Committee at Kainos.
Richard McCann
Chief Financial Officer (CFO) ·
Katie Davis
Independent Non-Executive Director ·
Chairs the Remuneration Committee and sits on the Audit Committee and Nomination Committee.
Andrew Malpass
Independent Non-Executive Director ·
Senior Independent Director (SID) and chair of the Audit Committee.
Rosaleen Blair
Independent Non-Executive Director ·
Sits on the Nominations, Remuneration and Audit Committees.
James Kidd
Independent Non-Executive Director ·
Sits on the Remuneration and Audit Committees.

Leadership Team

Central Services

Richard McCann
Chief Financial Officer (CFO) ·
Joined in 2011. Responsible for financial reporting and supporting the profitable growth of the business through financial management, planning and forecasting.
Tom Gray
Chief Technology Officer (CTO) ·
Joined in 1990. Responsible for advising customers on applied technology as well as building relationships with the wider tech industry.
Colette Kidd
Chief People Officer (CPO) ·
Joined in 1997. Responsible for managing the strategy to build an exceptional Kainos workforce to deliver great results for our clients.
Grainne Burns
General Counsel and Company Secretary ·
Joined in 2001. Responsible for managing the group’s legal affairs and leading the Commercial Team.

Leadership Team

Digital Services

Gary McMillan
Chief Operating Officer, Digital Services ·
Joined in 1998. Responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Digital Services team within Kainos.
John Smith
Digital Services Director, Healthcare ·
Joined in 1988. Responsible for leading the digital transformation of the UK Government since the formation of the Government Digital Service in 2011, and overseeing the growth and development of Kainos’ Healthcare sector.
Kieran Barber
Digital Services Director, Public Sector ·
Joined in 1995. Leading our Digital Services team as we enable ambitious transformation programmes for our clients.
Nigel Lynas
VP of Business Development, Digital Services ·
Joined in 1994. Responsible for helping our existing clients to optimise their experience with us, and assisting new clients to begin their digital transformation journey.
James Elworthy
Digital Services Director, Commercial Sector ·
Joined in 2021. Leads our digital transformation and technology integration teams for private sector clients.
Aislinn McBride
Chief Technology Officer, Services ·
Joined in 2001. Aislinn leads our technology direction across the Kainos Services business.
Andy Kemp
Head of Public Sector, Services ·
Joined in 2019. Leads our teams working with the Public Sector to deliver transformational change to improve the lives of citizens.
Matt McManus
Chief Finance Officer, Services ·
Joined in 2016. Responsible for supporting the profitable growth of the overall Services business.

Leadership Team

Workday Practice

Malachy Smith
Divisional Director, Workday Practice ·
Joined in 1990. Responsible for our leading Workday practice, ensuring we continue to deliver great outcomes for our clients whether that's implementation or ongoing services.
Rainer Maier
Workday Practice Director, Europe ·
Joined in 2017. Responsible for our European Workday Practice, from initial client contact to ensuring great project outcomes.
Damien Taylor
Workday Practice Director, Products ·
Peter McKeown
Chief Operating Officer, Workday Practice ·
Joined in 2015. Responsible for day to day operations of the Workday Practice team within Kainos, ensuring both colleagues and customers achieve their goals.
Padraig Callaghan
Workday Practice Director, Americas ·
Joined in 2007. Responsible for our leading Americas Workday Practice, supporting new clients and ensuring we continue to deliver great outcomes for our existing clients - whether that's implementation or ongoing services.

Board Committees

The Board contains three main committee groups, each with formal terms of references which are available as downloads.


Audit committee: Andrew Malpass (Chair), Katie Davis, Rosaleen Blair and James Kidd
Terms of Reference

Nomination committee: Tom Burnet (Chair), Katie Davis and Rosaleen Blair
Terms of Reference

Remuneration committee: Katie Davis (Chair), Tom Burnet, Rosaleen Blair and James Kidd
Terms of Reference

Our policies

We take our responsibilities as an ethical global organisation very seriously. We have comprehensive policies to guide our actions in these important areas.