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We are helping insurers to solve key challenges and innovate through technology.

Transforming the insurance sector through technology

Our expertise across cloud, data, AI, and intelligent automation can help insurance companies overcome the challenge of managing legacy IT estate and building new digital services, to improve how you work, through digital transformation.

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Claims are make or break for insurance customers

The claims process represents a moment of truth for customers and their insurers, with customers experiencing the true value of their insurer’s service. 

Over 48% of insurance service complaints come from customers having a lack of transparency on claim status. When insurers embed generative AI into their claims process, they improve their employee and customer’s experiences.  

Check out our whitepaper on elevating the customer claims experience with generative AI. This whitepaper was designed to help insurers realise the potential of embedding generative AI into their claims process and the benefits it yields.

“ Generative AI will impact almost every step of the claim’s lifecycle. Customer service representatives can use it to summarise policy documents during the first notice of loss and more quickly respond to customer enquiries along the claims journey. Claim adjusters and handlers will use it to quickly ensure that high-priority claims are handled promptly and that lower-priority claims don’t cause delays or backlogs. Insurance recovery specialists will use it to help the coding of subrogation and reinsurance claims to expedite the recovery of capital due to third parties or reinsurers.”

Sasha Sanyal
Global Insurance Leader

Free claims innovation workshop

Kainos is offering a free claims workshop to organisations who’re interested in elevating their claims process.

This includes preparation and analysis to build an understanding of your challenges, current state and any required outcomes. This workshop can act as precursor to an Azure OpenAI proof of value in the selected areas of the claims process, which can help your employees make faster, more robust and transparent decisions personalised to your individual customer needs.

Learn more about our free claims workshop here. 

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Stevie McGarrigle
Senior Sales Development Representative ·
Stevie is experienced in helping insurers digitally transform to deliver better customer and employee experiences.
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Gary Hunter
Business Development Director, Commercial ·
For more than 25 years Gary has worked delivering technology based solutions to business problems. He is a Chartered Management Institute certified Professional Consultant and Business Analyst who was reborn in the cloud 6 years ago and has subsequently worked on more than 35 cloud big data and ML transformation projects.
Mark Millar
Intelligent Automation Manager ·
Mark is passionate about helping organisations implement Intelligent Automation across their business operations to deliver savings, efficiencies and service improvements. From conception to production, Mark can help you understand the potential of automation, and unleash your workforce’s potential, allowing them to spend time on more value-driven tasks.
Lloyd Thomas
Cloud Business Development Manager ·
Over the last 9 years, Lloyd has been advising customers on how best to utiliise their cloud technology; helping organisations to reduce costs and maximise efficiency. He collaborates closely with clients to modernise legacy systems and optimise services to help them achieve create outstanding customer and employee experiences.
Stephen Walker
Fraud SME ·
Stephen Walker is an expert in fraud and risk technology, helping some of the world’s biggest financial institutions to implement solutions to better manage their risk. This included leading enterprise fraud technology and analytics for a large US insurer. Stephen has also helped several public sector clients to transform their digital services and offerings, including counter-fraud solutions with the DVSA and the UK Home Office.

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