Creating a lasting impact to shape a future for all

Going beyond expectations to leave a legacy we can be proud of

Committing to sustainability in all areas

We embrace the responsibility we have to ensure our impact on society, local communities and the environment leaves a legacy we can all be proud of. For us this is far more than a simple commitment to giving back. We want to leave a legacy which endures beyond the work we deliver for our customers. And we do this by considering the impact we can make today that will shape the world for future generations.


invested in education and development


target for carbon net zero


target for female colleagues across our business


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Aligning with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

For us, sustainability is about more than giving back – we’re not satisfied with simply making regular donations to charity and paying lip-service to green. As a global organisation that wants to make a global impact, we align our sustainability commitments to five of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. This has given us a bold roadmap of coordinated actions that have real impact: on our people, on our environment, on our local communities and on the world at large.


Embedding a culture of continuous learning with Kainos Academy

We are committed to widening access to IT careers for young people and members of under-represented groups to ensure they have the digital skills required for the future of work. 

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Reduced inequalities

Our vision is to have a global workforce made up of all diverse groups who recognise Kainos as a compelling and inclusive place to build their career. Our global BAME/BIPOC network, Voice, supports us in creating and promoting initiatives to recruit and retain ethnically diverse colleagues, as well as championing diversity within our organisation.  Other global networks – focusing on supporting neurodiverse and disabled colleagues – will also further our commitment to reduce inequalities.  And our industry-leading experts within our accessibility practice ensure this is a priority both for our own organisations and for the projects we work on.

Our digital services are used by millions of people every day and we embrace our responsibility to make sure they can be used by everyone. Achieving the highest standards of accessibility and inclusion is at the core of what we do, which is why we are one of the few companies to have a dedicated inclusive design practice.

Bonnie Molins
Inclusive Design Principal

Climate action

Climate action is an integral part of our culture and our social value commitments. Through education, raising awareness and innovation, we’re committed to making changes to protect our planet. We’re doing this by taking accountability for our own carbon footprint. This includes implementing changes in how we operate across our offices, how we deliver products and services to our customers, and the technology we use to do our work.

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Gender equality

We are keenly aware that our industry remains male-dominated. As a first step, we recognise the importance of achieving gender equity within our organisation, and actively work to increase female levels of representation at all levels, with equality of pay and opportunity. Our women’s Employee Network Group, Inspire, advises on key strategic decisions to ensure gender equality is front of mind at all times. We are also committed to encouraging women into careers within IT, supporting organisations like Women Who Code in their efforts to empower women in technology.


Good health and wellbeing

Our people are what makes Kainos special and our first priority is their wellbeing. From private healthcare and access to trained counsellors to annual share awards and financial support to pursue outside interests and skills, we offer a variety of programmes to support our people’s emotional, physical, social, career and financial wellbeing.


Green Software Commitment 

Green software represents a powerful opportunity to drive positive change in the software industry. As developers, organisations, and end-users, we all have a role to play in adopting and promoting green software solutions.  

Green software is designed, developed and implemented to limit energy consumption, carbon emissions and have minimal environmental impact. This combines climate science with design and technology practice, to create applications that will have a positive impact on our planet.  

At Kainos we’re leading the charge for green software as part of a commitment to helping our customers meet their sustainability goals. 

View our Green Software Commitment here. 



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