Data and AI transformation: the next digital frontier

Digital transformation has supercharged the creation and collection of data across all industries. Kainos helps you make sense of that data through analytics, AI and machine learning.

Helping organisations transform using technology to become data-driven

Organisations collect more data than ever before but can’t realise the value of this data to unlock efficiency and feature gainsMuch of this data remains locked in silos, difficult to access, challenging to manage and isn’t in a form to drive insight from analytics and machine learning.  


Generative AI

With generative AI, you can explore new possibilities for improving customer, user and employee satisfaction. Learn how we can assist you in realising the potential of generative AI .  

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Enterprise Data + Enterprise AI 

Our experienced team of specialist data engineers and data scientists create new data products that help organisations meet their data-driven goals. We can advise, design, create and run new data services using cloud scale that transform how your teams and customers consume your data assets.


Analytics and intelligence

We know how to make data the driving force of your organisation, by helping you collect, share and combine your data assets we give you back time to increase efficiency, productivity and innovation.

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Data platforms and management

As experts in agile data delivery we turn your data into intelligence to unlock your full potential. Whether it be a rapid implementation or a bespoke integration. We will deliver.

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Artificial intelligence

We deliver AI solutions to customers all over the world. Through our perfect blend of AI-driven techniques we give you the insight you need to extract the true value from your data.

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Machine learning

Help your organisation unlock a competitive advantage. From enhancing efficiency to elevating customer experiences, Kainos delivers machine learning projects to guide business decisions.

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When it comes to Smart cities, hospitals and factories Kainos are the experts. We build real world solutions to drive efficiency, engagement and sustainability.

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Our partners

Whitepaper: Beyond the hype

This whitepaper highlights how MLOps can empower your data science team to operationalise machine learning at scale to achieve maximum ROI

Whitepaper: Beyond the hype

This whitepaper highlights how MLOps can empower your data science team to operationalise machine learning at scale to achieve maximum ROI


Working collaboratively with your teams

Our culture means that we put your users first and prefer to work collaboratively with your teams.

We work as a combined team, transferring technical knowledge to you, so that you become self-sufficient, resilient, and ready for future trends. Our long-term relationships produce transformative results and ensure sustainable data and digital transformation.

Data Ethics

At Kainos, we believe that data ethics is a non-negotiable when delivering Data and AI projects. With technological development moving at unprecedented speed, the new opportunities are exciting, but we have also seen several experts raising alarm bells about the risks and potential for harm. To develop data and AI solutions that can be trusted by users and the public alike, such risks need to be actively identified and managed.

Our internal frameworks and ways of working bring ethics into everything we do, guided by our internal Code of Ethics and our data and AI ethical delivery principles:

  1. Mitigating harms & seeking benefits: Within projects, we support our clients to minimise harms and maximise societal benefits of data and AI solutions 
  2. Fairness: We minimise bias in data and AI solutions and scrutinise them for fairness 
  3. Transparency & explainability: We communicate with transparency about data and AI solutions and explore the reasons behind their conclusions
  4. Respect for the human behind the data: We design data and AI solutions with respect for the autonomy, dignity and privacy of those affected by the technology 
  5. Responsibility: We believe in taking accountability for data and AI solutions and will encourage clients to establish appropriate oversight.

We can also bring subject matter expertise in data ethics into data and AI projects. In these cases, ethics and harm workshops leading to an ethics impact assessment and transparency documentation become an intrinsic part of what is delivered. Our experience in bringing ethical principles to practice can also be tapped into for advisory work. To learn more, please contact us.

“We approached Kainos with the idea of using AI to automatically extract the information we needed from KIIDs. Kainos’ AI team had fantastic experience with document analysis and NLP and they delivered the project perfectly!”

Darren Burrows
Founder and CEO

“DVSA has built up a strong collaborative working relationship with Kainos, who consistently deliver a high level of service and professionalism. I have first-hand experience of this, working closely with Kainos colleagues on the Driving Examiner Service project, which has revolutionised the way driving tests are conducted for the entire driving examiner workforce."

Gordon Witherspoon
DES Service Owner & Head of Driver and Driver Training Policy

“As part of our ongoing strategic aims to become the world-leading digital land register, the automated document comparison project has been a successful first step in our journey towards embracing artificial intelligence to improve our service and enhance how our employees work.”

HM Land Registry

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Our People

Gary Hunter
Business Development Director, Commercial ·
For more than 25 years Gary has worked delivering technology based solutions to business problems. He is a Chartered Management Institute certified Professional Consultant and Business Analyst who was reborn in the cloud 6 years ago and has subsequently worked on more than 35 cloud big data and ML transformation projects.
Eimear Rooney
Head of Data & AI Delivery ·
Eimear has been driving digital transformation through AI over the past 3 years within Kainos. Eimear is passionate about unlocking the benefits of AI/ML to improve business and wider society. Core to her role is building a sustainable and resilient team to meet the rapidly evolving AI landscape. As a senior female leader, she is also committed to encouraging diversity and growing opportunities for inclusiveness in the AI space.
Ruth McGuinness
Data & AI Practice Lead · Kainos
Ruth has over nine years of experience in the tech and AI space. She is passionate about unlocking the benefits of AI/ML to improve business and wider society.
Jon Tucker
Principal Director ·
Jon has 25 years of leadership experience in tech & data from several blue-chip providers, helping clients solve their complex problems. Along with the Kainos team of experts, Jon is driving the benefits of a digital data journey, especially with the step-change that Generative AI brings to all. Building on the trust and reputation that Kainos has earnt with Public Sector and Health, Jon enables organisations to create a better society