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What is Workday testing?

Testing Workday isn’t like testing legacy or bespoke software systems. The Workday platform comes prebuilt and is quality assured by the Workday team. 

So when you are carrying out testing, you're not testing the software itself, you're testing the way your company has configured Workday for your own unique business needs. 


Testing during your Workday deployment

The purpose of testing during your Workday deployment is to ensure that your project team has set up your system exactly as requested and that everything is fit for purpose, operating correctly, and ready for use by your workforce.

Testing is critical for highlighting areas for improvement, ensuring your configuration is the best it can be for launch.


Testing Workday after launch

Testing after go-live protects your configuration from human error and the unexpected. Post-launch, your teams continually modify your Workday system to meet your company’s needs as it changes shape, size, and ways of working. Testing should take place whenever changes are made, including:

  • Changes you make: Like to business processes, Workday security permissions, and eligibility rules
  • Changes third parties make: Like when integrated systems are added or undergo their own software updates.
  • Changes Workday makes: Like the weekly and twice-yearly updates.

Top five tips for testing Workday

  1. Upskill SMEs: You need SMEs to carry out testing. Invest in your people as they know better than anyone if something is working right or wrong. 

  2. Allocate resources: Testing can be intensive. Allocate the right amount of resourcing to cover the task at hand.
  3. Assign budget: Testing time means financial and opportunity costs can add up. Be one step ahead with your budget allocation. 
  4. Use automation: Humans make mistakes, consider test automation to provide 100% accuracy for Workday testing confidence.
  5. Increase coverage: Time and resource limitations mean teams often resort to testing only what they can get to instead of what’s critical. Let automation do much more and take the pressure off.

Our definitive guide to successful Workday update testing

Gain insight into the essential procedures and processes that enable a successful Workday update testing strategy

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Automated testing

Scale and transform testing with Smart Test—the only Workday approved automated testing solution

Smart Test is the market-leading automated testing tool built exclusively for Workday, rescuing operational staff from the rigors of testing, cuts effort by 80%, and skyrockets test coverage.

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The definitive guide to testing your Workday deployment

Bolster your team’s testing knowledge and skills with this free guide to Workday testing - full of step-by-step advice and best practice.

The Definitive Guide to Testing Your Workday Deployment

Bolster your team’s testing knowledge and skills with this free guide to Workday testing—full of step-by-step advice and best practice.

What makes Smart Test so special? 

It starts with our deep Workday knowledge, decade of software testing, long-time partnership with Workday, and impeccable technology. But that’s just the beginning.

Testing services

Build up your testing capability

Kainos’ Workday Testing as a Service (TAAS) works with your teams to integrate best-in-class testing as an everyday activity.

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Get test training and assistance

Learn how to test Workday yourselves with practical sessions led by our Workday testing experts. 

Explore Workday testing

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Free feedback on update testing

We’ll  assess your approach to update testing and provide guidance on ways to improve it before for the next release.  

Get free feedback on update testing

Offering a limited number of free assessments to Workday customers, we’ll  assess your approach to update testing and advise on ways to improve it before for the next release.  

“In Workday, you’re always implementing something new … but that is now another piece of the puzzle that you need to keep an eye on. As your Workday footprint grows, so does your testing and support footprint.” 

Seth Brahler 
Director of HRIS
Cornell University

“We invested in Workday—a best-in-class cloud solution—to drive our organisation forward.  Thanks to Kainos’ testing expertise and Kainos Smart, we’re now using it to its full potential.”  

Carlos Santamaria 
Manager of Workday Operations
The Met 

“When I went to market, Smart was the only tool that didn’t require me to hire an entire development team to maintain it—that in itself was a deal maker!”  

Greg Holliday 
Former Director of HRIS
Service Corporation International

“I’ve noticed the biggest difference in our velocity, resourcing, and peace of mind. [With Kainos Smart], we’re now able to make, test and push changes in our tenants more quickly and more often with less risk and worry.”  

Chris Liu  
Level Designer

"The business case for Smart Test almost wrote itself. Adding up the team members’ salaries across the weeks they would each spend per year on testing, it was clear the payback would be quick. But on the other side, it was about risk mitigation as well, because the team simply didn’t have capacity to carry out the level of security testing required."

Josh Sekel
Workday Project Lead
Brock University

“[Phase one] test planning was overwhelming. Working with Kainos as a testing partner provided us with structure, guidance and the tool to ensure we achieved testing success.” 

Michelle Graves 
HRIS Director
Wyndham Destinations

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