D&I annual report 2021-22

Our D&I annual report details why diversity and inclusion matters, our journey to date, areas of focus and our D&I dashboard.

D&I annual report 2021-22

It’s important to have an inclusive culture that champions and celebrates the differences and similarities of everyone.

Our long-term D&I approach aims to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to develop, be rewarded and be recognized for their contribution. We have made progress - but we still have more to do.

In our annual D&I report, we provide you with an update of our D&I journey to date.

What this report will cover

Why D&I matters
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Our journey so far
Areas of focus
D&I dashboard

Why D&I matters

At Kainos, we celebrate diversity and are committed to fostering a working environment which allows everyone to be themselves and achieve their full potential. 

The case for creating a diverse and inclusive culture is underpinned by research and aligns to the Kainos strategic principles:

1. Be a great employer

By having more culturally diverse leadership and teams, we are more likely to:

  • have increased staff wellbeing
  • have higher rates of staff engagement and retention

2. Delight our customers

With a more diverse work environment, we are better able to:

  • deliver technology and services that meet the diverse needs of users and citizens
  • quickly introduce and bring new innovations into market

3. Be a growing, profitable and responsible company

With a more diverse and inclusive culture, we can:

  • perform better as an employer and for our customers while driving higher growth and profitability
  • better meet or exceed global equality standards and laws 

Our journey so far

Clear direction
D&I and gender-parity plans are in place based on colleague feedback and good practice research.
D&I data
D&I dashboard is in place allowing us to see the diversity of our global workforce all in one place for the first time.
Icon featuring three people
We have a global D&I group (involving people from our Network Groups) who meet regularly to drive activity.
Engaged over 750 young people in 2021 through virtual academies and events; 2 new university bursary programmes.
21 D&I events involving 1400 people; unconscious bias training for over 2100 colleagues, interviewer skills for 251 people and new eLearning completed by over 1700 people.
Attracting diversity
Marketing to under-represented groups; job profile and process reviews to ensure diversity from agency sourced candidates. In 2021, 25% of candidates recruited were women.
Four network groups supporting education and awareness for all - Xpression (LGBTQ+), Inspire (women), Voice (ethnicity) and Neurodiversity.
Disability Confident Level 2 status, new D&I policies, and improved calibration for salary reviews and talent programme selection.

2021 uptake of D&I events and materials

Activities and campaigns have focused on raising awareness, connecting everyone to learn, talk and unite around our differences. Example D&I campaigns include International Women's Day, Transgender Day of Remembrance, Autistic Pride Day and Black History Month.

In addition to our internal campaigns, our Network Groups and D&I team released new learning materials and organized D&I events throughout FY22. Over 1400 people got involved.

In FY23, we want to grow our Network Group membership and increase the uptake in our D&I materials and events.

Network Group Est. Views Reactions Membership %
Xpression 2019 43,373 1,988 13%
Inspire 2020 40,019 1,498 17%
Voice 2021 31,601 1,360 11%
Neurodiversity  2021 4,981 245 4%
Global D&I 2019 4,981 965 100%



Areas of focus


  • Inclusive leadership learning, starting with senior colleagues
  • Delivery of our new ‘women in leadership’ program
  • Use of our D&I dashboard data to target improvement


  • Embed D&I into our talent strategy to better support those from under-represented groups
  • Widen participation through our Tech Outreach activities, including virtual academies, bursary and support schemes with universities and schools


  • Ongoing education and awareness raising through our four Employee Network Groups
  • Delivery of Gender Parity Plan to achieve greater gender balance
  • Improvement of core people processes and policies

D&I dashboard

Our D&I dashboard (VIBE) allows us to see the diversity of our global workforce. It helps to:

  • drive diversity efforts in hiring, promotion and retention
  • make better D&I decisions
  • track progress against our UN Sustainability Goals

85% of colleagues have reviewed and updated some or all of their D&I data in VIBE since launched in April 21. We still have a lot of ‘incomplete’ data, as per the below tables:


Gender %
Men 65.4%
Non-Binary 0.2%
Women 33.1%
Prefer not to disclose 0.3%
Incomplete 1.0%

Sexual Orientation

Sexual Orientation %
Asexual 0.3%
Bisexual 1.1%
Gay man 1.2%
Gay woman/lesbian 0.4%
Gay 0.1%
Heterosexual 49.4%
Pansexual 0.1%
Prefer not to disclose 4.6%
Incomplete 42.9%


Ethnicity %
Asian or Pacific Islander 0.0%
Asian/Bangladeshi/Indian/Pakistani/Other 7.0%
Black/African/Caribbean/Other 2.6%
Chinese 0.4%
Ethnicity not listed 1.3%
Hispanic/Latino 0.3%
Indigenous peoples 0.6%
Two or more Ethnicities 0.9%
White European/American/Other 71.7%
Prefer not to disclose 0.9%
Incomplete 14.4%


Disability %
Hearing 0.5%
I do not have a disability 10.3%
Long-term medical, mental, or neurodivergent condition 1.8%
Learning 0.6%
Sight 0.1%
Use of arms or hands 0.1%
Use of legs 0.1%
Disability type not listed 0.5%
Prefer not to disclose 0.5%
Incomplete 85.5%