From: Kilrea, Northern Ireland

University and degree: Queen’s University Belfast, Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Favourite superhero: Iron Man

App Name: Beta-Betes

Beta-Betes synopsis

Beta-Betes is aimed at sufferers of Diabetes and will allow users to input blood sugar levels, injection amounts and general routine and lifestyle traits.

How will it benefit users?

“By creating a mobile app, my goal is to make it straightforward for the user to log his or her vital stats, and for healthcare professionals to download and interpret the user’s data. This will allow for quicker changes to the user’s lifestyle that will make their condition less problematic.”

How have you found the AppCamp experience so far and what will you take away from it?

“Getting to know the other guys made being involved in a very steep learning process much easier and it was reassuring that we were all starting at the same level. The experience that I’ve gained in programming is far more than I’d originally envisaged! Asides from the obvious programming knowledge and experience, I will take away a new base of friends and contacts and a fantastic insight into a new industry that I hope to keep working in.”


Beta-Betes preview screenshots (subject to change)