Brian Gannon
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Brian joined Kainos in 2006 to run Kainos in Great Britain. Previously, Brian worked as a management consultant at Andersen Consulting (now Accenture), Capgemini and the DMW Group, and as a technology strategist at a number of blue-chip organisations, including Shell, Standard Chartered Bank and Allied Irish Banks, where he was Chief Information Officer. Brian has over 25 years’ experience in deploying information and digital technology solutions. Brian is the Corporate Development Director for Kainos, responsible for marketing, communications, media and analyst relationships.
Brian's Posts
David and Goliath
Everyone wants the underdog to win.  When you come from a small country, as I do, you become very partisan for underdogs of all stripes, so even if I did not work for Kainos (a successful, understated underdog) I suspect that I would have no difficulty in siding with the underdog in the latest David…
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Everyone and Coding
So here are two articles, one from last month and one from a few years back.  Both authors (Torvalds and Atwood) are well known – in fact Torvalds is super-famous – and they’re both saying the same thing: coding is not for everyone.  No more than plumbing or cooking, it’s not an essential skill in modern…
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Opening up Government IT to SMEs
The government committed 25 per cent of government procurement going to smaller companies by 2015 – a target that many thought was more rhetoric than realistic. But now there is evidence that the nay-sayers were wrong. Whitehall issued their progress report Two Years On in 2013, which shows that as a whole the UK public sector has…
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New ways of addressing the digital skills shortfall
Skills gap
Everyone wants everyone to learn how to code these days. Apparently, it’s the ‘fourth literacy’, whatever that is. Watch Lottie Dexter explain to Jeremy Paxman about the need for everyone to code as she launched the “Year of Code” initiative earlier this year. Don’t worry about the fact that neither could code, or had much…
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