Colin Truesdale
Colin leads Product Marketing at Kainos for Evolve, the market leading EMR solution deployed across the UK NHS in many acute hospitals. He is an ECM specialist having worked throughout his career at a number of leading organisations such as Meridio and Autonomy. Now focussed on the Health industry as part of the Evolve team at Kainos, he works closely with current and prospective customers to determine how Evolve can help improve the quality of patient care through process efficiency and reduction of paper-intensive ways of working. Colin is responsible for how Evolve leverages Enterprise Search technology to deliver relevant and accurate information to clinicians working in a mobile environment from a range of disparate clinical and non clinical systems.
Colin's Posts
Kainos Evolve® visits Mobile World Congress, Barcelona
29 February 2016 | Posted by Colin Truesdale

Colin Trusedale visits Mobile World Congress in Barcelona – the world’s largest show of all things mobile.

The Problem with Paper: Security
We all know paper has its limits - thankfully it is getting increased attention centrally, with Jeremy Hunt's Paperless NHS challenge.
03 December 2014 | Posted by Colin Truesdale

Up until now, most of the spotlight regarding paper’s failings has been placed on the impracticality of it – the difficulty in storing and sharing the information held within. Now, there is more attention on the danger to patients, in terms of quality of care and the confidentiality of that care. According to one…

Kainos Evolve: what we’ve been achieving in 2013-2014
24 June 2014 | Posted by Colin Truesdale

On Thursday 11th, Riaz Rahman and Chris Murray represented Kainos at the HealthInvestor Awards ceremony, where we’re delighted to announce Kainos Evolve picked up the “Technology Provider of the Year” award. This is a massive achievement, and goes to prove how far we have come as a company in what was a new market to…

NHS Technology funding signals the end of a ‘one size fits all’ approach
05 June 2014 | Posted by Colin Truesdale

Now that Round 2 of the Technology fund is out, it really feels like the last of the National Programme’s “One Size Fits All” approach is being stripped away. We now have an approach to the mammoth challenge of clinical information handling that meets care providers’ needs, doesn’t force unwieldy amounts of change on them…

The Quantified Self: information challenge or opportunity?
03 February 2014 | Posted by Colin Truesdale

Quantified Self: a movement to incorporate technology into data acquisition on aspects of a person’s daily life in terms of inputs (e.g. food consumed, quality of surrounding air), states (e.g. mood, blood oxygen levels), and performance (mental and physical). – Wikipedia Last Christmas, I decided to take some steps towards ridding a few pounds from…