Marc Heasman
Marc is a leader in digital transformation and has a strong background in public service strategy and delivery. Having led Agile development on one of the Government’s 25 exemplar digital programmes, he combines practical experience with academic study from the Academy of Digital Business Leaders. He joined Kainos in September 2015 and is currently supporting DVSA’s digital transformation of its MOT Testing Service.
Marc's Posts
Is this thing on?
Capturing user insight through multi-channel data analysis.
06 October 2017 | Posted by Marc Heasman

Marc Heasman talks about the sources of insights valuable in understanding user needs.

Being Agile: Business Survival Essentials
07 December 2016 | Posted by Marc Heasman

Watch Marc’s talk ‘Being Agile’, where he draws from the practices of some of the world’s most successful digital businesses.

High Tide – Reflections from Agile on the Beach
Read our retrospective on Agile on the Beach here.
05 October 2016 | Posted by Marc Heasman

Read Marc Heasman’s retrospective on Agile on the Beach, the UK’s leading Agile conference and what he took from it here.