Matthew Fitch
Matthew has been working as a Software Engineer in the Applied Innovation team for the past year. His technical focus is on progressive web apps and machine learning.
Matthew's Posts
Immersive Tech NI Launch Party and Hackathon Roundup
Tales from the organisers of Northern Ireland’s brand-new immersive technology community
09 December 2016 | Posted by Matthew Fitch

Matthew Fitch, Software Engineer at Kainos and co-founder of Immersive Tech NI, reports on the first events run by this new community.

Thoughts from Progressive Web App Dev Summit 2016
A brief recent history of native (apps) versus web(sites)
09 September 2016 | Posted by Matthew Fitch

A brief recent history of native (apps) versus web(sites) Back at Macworld 2007 during the launch of the first iPhone, Steve Jobs announced Safari as one of the key features of the device, giving users access to the web and allowing developers to build applications for iPhone “using the most modern web standards.” Well, as it turned out, the latest…