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Hi, I'm Steven Limmer. I've been with Kainos for 3 years, currently in the role of Scrum Master. I really enjoy this role; it allows me to shape teams, coach customers, and ultimately, help deliver the solutions that users need. I'm also a dedicated family man and keen cyclist
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Consulting Community Day – “Shaping Discovery”
A Workshop presented by Jane Fletcher and Steven Limmer
One of the many great initiatives in Kainos is that we hold community days for the different capabilities. These are great events which are held to bring people from different areas of the business together to share ideas, discuss hot topics, and present workshops on things we’ve learned, achieved, or want to improve. As part of…
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Debunking the Agile myths, Part 2
“People, not processes"
In the first blog, I discussed Scrum & its process. In this blog, I’m going to look at the bigger picture of “Why Agile?” Why does Agile exist? What evolutionary steps forced the creation of Agile? In my view, it is a reaction to traditional industry decision-making. In traditional industry, the accepted approach is top-down…
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Debunking the Agile myths, Part 1
“Scrum, simple but not easy"
Assuming that you either work (or want to work) in the IT Industry, you could not have failed to notice that a paradigm shift has happened in software development. Processes and tools have evolved rapidly, the thought processes towards product/service delivery have changed, and roles have become blurred. Developers, did you write that test first? Testers,…
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