Thomas Swann
Tom has been with Kainos for 9 years and currently works as a Technical Architect specialising in Big Data technologies and analytics.
Thomas' Posts
Design For Life – An open design case study
14 June 2017 | Posted by Thomas Swann

Tom Swann blogs about a recent project he worked on and how the development team communicated about design.

Strata and Hadoop World 2016
Conference highlights from San Jose
06 April 2016 | Posted by Thomas Swann

Strata and Hadoop World is the world’s biggest and best conference on all aspects of the data economy. I had the pleasure of attending this year’s event in San Jose, and below you can find my thoughts on the major conference themes. Hadoop continues to mature With each passing year, it becomes more difficult to pin down…

Apache Spark
Data Science at Scale
01 July 2015 | Posted by Thomas Swann

  Apache Spark is one of the biggest reasons that data analytics is such an exciting area of work for technologists such as myself right now. It’s hugely popular, with the most active community of any open source big data project currently in development. So, this post is an overview of Spark, the problems that it solves…

Data Science
Algorithms are not the point
23 February 2015 | Posted by Thomas Swann

In this post, I’m turning my attention to the often misunderstood term “Data Science” and what it actually means to businesses today in a practical sense. I would argue that a clear understanding of the business applications of advanced analytical techniques is one of the biggest gaps currently facing their widespread adoption. From a delivery perspective there is the need for data…

Big Data – Security and Compliance
30 September 2014 | Posted by Thomas Swann

In recent years Hadoop has proven to be a disruptive technology in the world of data storage and processing. It’s rise to prominence as an open source platform for performing “big data” analytics has shaken up how many companies think about the ways in which they can transform and derive value from their most important data assets….