Ever wondered how Spotify always gets it right when it recommends a song for you? Or how Amazon knows what to try to sell you at the checkout?

If you’re an undergraduate and want to take part in a free two-week summer camp where you’ll pick up the fundamentals of artificial intelligence, then look no further – join us at Kainos A.I.Camp this summer.

At Kainos we recognise the potential for machine learning and artificial intelligence to make peoples’ lives better. There are hundreds of ways in which it will change our lives – from improving the way cars detect pedestrians to understanding how better to identify and treat disease.

That’s why this summer, we’re launching our first ever A.I.Camp. We’ll welcome 20 students to learn the theory behind artificial intelligence and machine learning – and give you an opportunity to put this into practice in a 12-hour hackathon, developing machine learning technology that will improve lives.

Get ahead of your peers with new skills, get experience in working with project teams and above all, enjoy yourself!

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Get a crash course in machine learning fundamental theory.
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Use your new skills to train your machine using real-life datasets.
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Take part in a hackathon where you’ll team up and put your new knowledge into practice!

Frequently asked questions

A.I.Camp is a 2-week long camp, full of learning, workshops and practical sessions to give students a good introduction to artificial intelligence and machine learning, and how it can be used to benefit our everyday lives.

Members of the Kainos team will provide formal training over the 2 weeks to give you the fundamental knowledge and skills you’ll need. After the formal training, you’ll be grouped into teams and get the opportunity to use your new skills in a 12-hour Hackathon – with some cool prizes up for grabs!

Give us your name and contact details and tell us why we should select you. Tell us why you’re interested in machine learning. Most importantly, help us to understand who you really are. As well as providing a C.V., you can upload any supporting material you think may be relevant – a video message, online portfolio, or anything you’ve already worked on – just pop them in a zip file and upload. Based on the information you supply, we’ll select a shortlist of candidates and invite you for a telephone interview before making our final decision.

You need to be an undergraduate, have an interest in machine learning, and be studying a relevant degree:

  • Computer Science
  • Software Engineering
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Statistics
  • Data Science

Ideally, you’ll have some programming skills, but you don’t need to be a computer science expert. Most importantly, you’ll have a genuine interest and a little bit of understanding of machine learning, as well as a passion for technology in general.

No. The Camp is open to any student who is studying any course with a programming component. Because machine learning is fundamentally a programming challenge, we do require you to have some programming background and, more importantly, a real interest in developing your programming skills.

The Camp is scheduled to run from 9am-5pm, Monday 26th June – Friday 7th July. On Saturday 8th July, we’ll then have a 12-hour Team Hackathon, from 9am – 9pm. You’ll need to be able to commit to all of these days. You should treat the opportunity to take part in the A.I.Camp seriously and only make the commitment to join if you fully intend to see it through. Unforeseen circumstances can occur and, if you need to leave the camp for reasons beyond your control, we’ll understand.

Location is to be confirmed, but it will be close to our Belfast office.

Yes – students from any year and any university in the UK and Ireland are eligible to apply. Bottom line: if you’re interested and talented, please submit an application and we’ll work with you to get you involved, if possible.

Yes. This year, we are accepting applications from all students enrolled in a relevant degree.

Accommodation is not provided for participants taking part in A.I.Camp.

Applications for 2017 are now closed.
To follow all the latest from the camp, check back in June or follow us on Twitter.
Entry requirements

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Jordan e1490883412913

Machine learning is a key component of artificial intelligence and represents a challenging and rewarding technological frontier. A.I.Camp will introduce you to this topic and enable you to shape the future of digital services. Taking part in AICamp will foster skills that gives you an edge in your career.

Jordan McDonald
Software Engineer

Kainos has given me a fantastic opportunity in the Applied Innovation team: to explore and work with machine learning – a technology that will power many digital services in the coming years.

Matthew Fitch
Software Engineer