Codecamp 5year neg
CodeCamp is back!
- and it's bigger and better than ever

Design, build and launch your own app at CodeCamp 2017

It’s CodeCamp’s fifth birthday and we’re celebrating in style with our biggest event yet! Join us from 24 July – 4 August at Queen’s University Belfast’s brand new world-leading Computer Science labs to learn how to build apps from scratch, take part in interactive sessions with IT geniuses and compete for some very cool prizes.

Tickets are free and are available to students aged 14-18 who are studying a STEM subject and haven’t attended a CodeCamp event before.

What you'll get from CodeCamp

Improve your skills, from programming to project management
Enjoy hands-on experience of the latest tech
Get mentoring from our friendly software developers
Kick-start your future with academic and career advice
Be inspired by talks and demos from our guest speakers
Get the chance to win great prizes or even ongoing support for your app

Frequently asked questions

CodeCamp is open to students aged 14-18 who are studying a STEM subject (e.g. maths, science, computing, engineering, technology etc) and who haven’t attended a CodeCamp event before.

You’ll also need to be able to commit to attending the course full time for all 10 days – part time attendance will not be permitted.

You can still apply for a place but please be aware that this year, priority for places will be given to students who haven't attended before. CodeCamp is a very popular initiative which sells out every year with huge waiting lists. Giving priority to students who haven’t attended before is partly to give as many young people as possible the chance to attend, but also because the content of the event is very similar year-on-year, so repeat attendees wouldn't really be learning anything new.

The camp will run 24 July – 4 August Monday to Friday from 10am – 4pm each day. Please note doors won’t open until 10 am so if you arrive any earlier you’ll need to make your own arrangements for somewhere to wait.

To come to CodeCamp you must be able to commit to attending full time for all ten days. If during the course you’re unable to attend for any reason for more than two days in a row, you will forfeit your place. We ask for this commitment to make sure that everyone gets the most of out the course – each day will build on work done on the previous day, so it’s important you’re there for the whole time.

Nope! All you need is to have an interest in software development. Our mentors will guide you through the rest, including how to use App Inventor if you haven’t done so before.

Applications for CodeCamp are now closed.

Applications closed on Wednesday 28 June.

We selected applicants from everyone who mets the entry requirements based on their 250-word statement about why they wanted to attend CodeCamp.

We were looking for people who are keen, enthusiastic and interested in all things tech.

Participants don't have to be experts with loads of experience, they just have to really want to come along to CodeCamp and be committed to making the most of the opportunity. We wanted people to demonstrate why they were excited about CodeCamp, why they wanted to come and what they were hoping to get out of it.

Please bring your unique confirmation email – either printed or on your phone – so that we can check you’re who you say you are! Food isn’t provided so we recommend you bring a packed lunch each day – there is a shop about five minutes’ walk away if you wish to purchase something. If you have your own Android device we recommend you bring this with you so you can test your app regularly.

You’ll be using App Inventor to create and develop your Android apps, and you’ll also get the chance to try out other tech, including VR and AR headsets, over the course of the two weeks.

Applications for CodeCamp 2017 have now closed.