Serverless — What’s all the fuss about?
14 February 2019 | Posted by Peter Farrell

There’s a lot of buzz around serverless solutions of late, but what’s it all about? Depending on who you talk to, it’s either the latest tech fad, or a major architectural shift in software delivery. Let’s take a look. The Hosted Model You may have a solution that looks similar to the figure below: Cost savings…

Hack The Cloud
13 February 2019 | Posted by Martin O'Neill

The rapid advances in serverless technologies available via the public cloud are dynamically changing how we architect, develop and operate software solutions, so it’s important that we ensure our people are skilled in these new methods and approaches.  I am delighted to lead an exciting internal hack on Friday the 15th of February which will…

Azure Search: Conclusion (part 3 of 3)
07 February 2019 | Posted by James Taylor

This post picks up where my previous post ‘Using Azure Search’ left off. Manual Deployment Azure Search can be manually deployed through the Azure portal. Instructions can be found here This is fairly simple to do, and it is even possible to set up a free version of Azure Search to research or test some…

Azure Search: Using Azure Search (part 2 of 3)
07 February 2019 | Posted by James Taylor

This post picks up where my previous post ‘Introducing Azure Search’ left off. In this section I will describe the basics of how to use Azure Search through the REST API. Creating an Index In the Indexes section of this document an example index is provided. This index can be used as a body to the REST…

Azure Search: Introduction (part 1 of 3)
07 February 2019 | Posted by James Taylor

What is Azure Search? Azure Search is a search-as-a-service cloud solution which provides an API to allow developers to integrate powerful search functionality without having to manage or install the search technology. The search service can be managed and queried through a REST API with its complexity hidden behind this. To get started a free trial…

Joining Kainos as an Agile Team Lead
30 January 2019 | Posted by Matthew Deaves

I’m an Agile Team Lead and I’ve worked at Kainos for a year on the MOT Project at the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). Being part of the Data Science and Platform teams has given me the chance to work with some very talented people on very interesting topics. If you’d told me a year…

Securing your secrets using Azure Key Vault and Virtual Machine Managed Identity
25 January 2019 | Posted by Thomas Thornton

In my previous blog I gave an overview of Azure Managed Identity, specifically around virtual machines and managed identities. In this, I will be detailing the process of implementing a secure use of Key Vault with this virtual machine and how Identity Management can be used to retrieve secrets. There are two types of managed identities. I…

Azure Managed Identities
23 January 2019 | Posted by Thomas Thornton

Keeping credentials safe and secure has always been a priority, even more so when in the cloud – quite a potential challenge within your application, virtual machine or requirements to authenticate to additional cloud services. Within Microsoft Azure, using managed identities is one of the security precautions that can assist you with the above! Overview…

Why Keeping Wi-Fi Secrets Matter
22 January 2019 | Posted by Mark Torrens

I recently visited a customer site and noticed that their Wi-Fi password had been helpfully printed and pinned to the wall in several locations around the office. It got me wondering, does it matter if we protect our Wi-Fi secrets? Environment To set the scene for you, the customer I visited is based in a…

Azure Action Groups – What are they?
21 January 2019 | Posted by Thomas Thornton

Action Groups within Azure are a group of notification preferences and/or actions which are used by both Azure Monitor and service alerts. They can be defined in various ways depending on the environment you are working on, whether one action group is used for all alerts or action groups are split into different alerting scenarios….

Azure Network Security Groups: 10 suggestions for best practice!
18 January 2019 | Posted by Thomas Thornton

As mentioned in a previous blog – NSG’s control access by permitting or denying network traffic in a number of ways, whether it be:- Communication between different workloads on a vNET Network connectivity from on-site environment into Azure Direct internet connection 1. One NSG to rule them all Do you really need a NSG per subnet? Or even,…

You can now apply for a first time adult passport online
HM Passport Office (HMPO) have launched a new and improved digital service to enable British Citizens to apply for a first time adult passport online.
18 December 2018 | Posted by Clare Watson (Kainos Agile Delivery Lead)

HMPO works with Kainos to develop the passport service.

DevOps – in plain English
06 December 2018 | Posted by Andreea Irimia

One of our placement students talks us through her first few weeks with Ops, and how she got to grips with the basics.

The travelling life IS for me
06 December 2018 | Posted by Martyn Puddephatt

Read this new blog post from one of our Scrum Masters, working on digital transformation projects from different locations in the UK.

Unified Security
03 December 2018 | Posted by Davey McGlade

How can we help improve security within Digital Services

Introducing Kainos A.I.Camp
29 November 2018 | Posted by Rachel George

Our second A.I.Camp for undergrads has just come to a close. You can view the video roundup here, and register your interest for next year!

Microsoft Future Decoded 2018
AI and how maximising that opportunity, could shape technology into an even better place!
08 November 2018 | Posted by Thomas Thornton

Looking back at my two days at Microsoft’s Future Decoded event.

CodeCamp 2018 – a world of opportunity
06 November 2018 | Posted by Conor McCourt

In this new blog post, read about how CodeCamp was a learning experience for the mentors, students and the campers!

Changing careers – the first Business Analyst Academy
05 November 2018 | Posted by Sophie Mills

Find out about how flexible career paths can be at Kainos in a new blog post from Computer Science graduate turned Business Analyst Sophie.

Azure Gateway VPN & Custom Routing via Third-Party Firewall Appliance
01 November 2018 | Posted by Thomas Thornton

Within your Azure Virtual Network (vNET) you may require connectivity from an additional source, options available include:- vNET Peer VPN Gateway ExpressRoute Gateway vNET Peer Common connection method for theoretically peering onto another Azure vNET, routing is done via the the Microsoft backbone and to the end user it will look like an extension of…

Kick-starting my career with the Kainos Engineering Academy
29 October 2018 | Posted by Daniel Keenan

Read this new blog post from placement student Daniel on what he got out of the 7-week graduate programme, the Engineering Academy.

Microsoft Azure: NSGs & ASGs Simplified
25 October 2018 | Posted by Thomas Thornton

NSG’s (Network Security Group) & ASG’s (Application Security Group) are the main Azure Resources that are used to administrate and control network traffic within a virtual network (vNET). The difference Network Security Group is the Azure Resource that you will use to enforce and control the network traffic with, whereas Application Security Group is an…

Microsoft Azure:- Using PowerBI to visualise NSG flow logs
24 October 2018 | Posted by Thomas Thornton

Microsoft PowerBI is a suite of business analytic tools developed by Microsoft that works together to turn unrelated sources of data into coherent, visually immersive, and interactive insights – in theory, taking a dump of data and making it rather colourful and useful? How could I say no! Go from data to insights in minutes….

An interview with a Code Club volunteer
17 October 2018 | Posted by Rachel George

Read an interview with one of our longest standing Code Club volunteers, Digital Services Senior Software Engineer Martin.

My Journey to Solution Architect (Ops)
How I got to where I am today!
15 October 2018 | Posted by Joe McGrath

Read our new blog post on how I got to where I am today – from one of our Solution Architects.

A Placement in Kainos
12 October 2018 | Posted by Jack Murphy

Watch Jack’s experience of being a placement student, from applying for the position, to finding his feet on projects in London and bringing new team members up to speed… and this is just the start. Want to join Kainos as a placement student? Click here to find out more.

Helping people on low incomes with the cost of visiting family in prison
The new digital service allows the prison visitor to self-assess eligibility and apply for assistance online
12 October 2018 | Posted by Chirag Agarwal

New digital service is making it easier for people on low incomes to get help with paying for visits to family and friends in prison.

Microsoft Ignite 2018
12 October 2018 | Posted by Joe McGrath

At the end of September three of us made our way to Orlando Florida to join another 20,000 IT professionals for the Microsoft Ignite conference courtesy of Kainos. This is a 5 day conference, or 6 if you attend one of the pre-conference workshops. This is the largest Microsoft technology conference and presents the opportunity…

A day in the life of a Kainos WorkSmart Consultant
Mitch Beaufoy
10 October 2018 | Posted by Rebecca Ainsworth

We excel at spotting talent and enabling growth across all roles. Hear from one of our Kainos WorkSmart consultants on his journey.

And Then There Were Two
05 October 2018 | Posted by Darragh McConville

Like many others, we were quite surprised at the news that the proverbial guns had been lowered between Cloudera and Hortonworks after a decade of intense rivalry.  The news of their mega-merger percolated through social media circles with admissions of shock but not horror. And although I was reminded of a prior premonition, I was as…