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Northern Ireland’s First Space Data Hackathon
05 March 2018 | Posted by Mary-Jane McBride

Mary-Jane McBride shares her experience of taking part in a first of its kind hackathon in NI.

10 Tips to help you prepare for a GDS assessment
This post was co-authored by Lauren Rousseau & Jon Settle
27 February 2018 | Posted by Jon Settle

10 suggestions/tips that will help you prepare for a GDS assessment.

Her Majesty’s Passport Office (HMPO) is making it quicker and easier for you to get your passport
New online passport service reaches 1 million applications!
08 February 2018 | Posted by Chirag Agarwal

Read how Kainos and HMPO are working together to make it quicker and easier for you to get your passport

Governed Data, Powerful Resource
Seizing the insight opportunities of GDPR
11 January 2018 | Posted by Bill Wilson

There are plenty of articles on how to work towards GDPR compliance. This isn’t one of those.

Enablement: Digital Transformation Made Easy
21 December 2017 | Posted by Samantha Steele

We are championing and pioneering a process of building long-term customer capability. We call this process “digital enablement”.

Cyber incident detection for Electronic Medical Record System
13 December 2017 | Posted by Davey McGlade

David recently completed an MSc in Applied Cyber Security with Queen’s University Belfast, this post explains his project.

Four top tips to help you excel as a candidate
07 December 2017 | Posted by Anna kacperska

Read our new blog post on job hunting from one of our lead engineers for tips on what she looks for when she reviews applicants!

Cabinet Office Register to Vote Service surpasses 30 million applications
28 November 2017 | Posted by Stephen McCalden

30 million applications to register have been verified by the digital service, with 75% of these completed online

Becoming the Architect I wanted to be
23 November 2017 | Posted by Mario Paolucci

Read our new blog on being a great Technical Architect and helping to grow others in your team on your way there.

Are you struggling to reap the much-hyped benefits of Agile?
The true success of our work, however, is measured through our clients’ ability to drive continuous improvement long after we’ve left the building.
15 November 2017 | Posted by Daniel Kemp

The true success of our work is measured through our clients’ ability to drive continuous improvement long after we’ve left.

Confidently adopting agile
Building confidence and understanding agile increases your chances of successfully implementing and realising the benefits; it's easier than you might think!
10 November 2017 | Posted by Joseph McKavanagh

Building confidence and understanding agile increases your chances of successfully implementing and realising the benefits.

Practising cyber security ‘mindfulness’ in a digital age
Delivery Manager Declan examines how being mindful can help you be secure online as well as on the road!
08 November 2017 | Posted by Declan Caddell

What does bike-riding have to do with cyber-security? Find out how being mindful can help you online as well as on the road!

Insights into User Research
31 October 2017 | Posted by Jon Settle

In the last of our blog series on User Research and Design, hear from one of our User Researchers.

Applying Psychology to Digital Services – a Q&A
31 October 2017 | Posted by Bronagh Smyth

Read our Q & A with one of our User Researchers on how a psychology background benefits design of digital services every day.

Why the customer experience journey matters
30 October 2017 | Posted by Declan Caddell

Delivery Manager Declan Caddell explores what elements make up the customer experience journey – and why they all matter.

From Spectrum 48K to Solution Architecture   
25 October 2017 | Posted by Gordon Pimblott

Thinking of taking the next step in your career? Read this blog post on working on digital transformation projects as a Solution Architect.

Creating experiences that make people’s lives easier – a career in UX Design
24 October 2017 | Posted by Gurur Sarbanoglu

Interested in learning more about User Experience at Kainos? Read the first of our design blog series to find out what goes on in UR&D.

Detecting unusual user activity – A proof of concept
11 October 2017 | Posted by Claire Davidson

Read our new post on a proof of concept our Data team worked on recently, using machine learning to identify anomalous users of a service.

Is this thing on?
Capturing user insight through multi-channel data analysis.
06 October 2017 | Posted by Marc Heasman

Marc Heasman talks about the sources of insights valuable in understanding user needs.

My career path to Senior Test Engineer
How I got here, and why I find working at Kainos as a Test Engineer so rewarding.
04 October 2017 | Posted by Patrick Fox

Read our new blog post from a Senior Test Engineer on the challenges and successes he’s had so far throughout his career!

A day in the life of a Kainos Integration Consultant
26 September 2017 | Posted by Artur Borkowski

One of our Workday Consultants shares his insight into working in the exciting world of integrations!

What does a Business Analyst do?
18 September 2017 | Posted by Lee Johnston

Business Analyst Lee shares his insight into what its like to be a Business Analyst in Kainos.

Innovation: Staying ahead of the curve
Can manual tasks be replaced by intelligent machines? Can user experience be enhanced in real time by an algorithm?
14 September 2017 | Posted by Kelly Moore

Businesses are born out of innovation, but today with disruptive technologies, the average lifespan of a company has dropped by 77%

Service Design: a view through 3 lenses
Service Design is one of the approaches Kainos use to maximise the value we deliver for our clients.
12 September 2017 | Posted by Nikos Karaoulanis

Service Design enables Kainos to deliver the right thing in the right way for the right reasons.

The role of a Renaissance Consultant in Digital Transformation
17 August 2017 | Posted by Nas Taibi

Tech fluency is the new currency – you need a solid band of renaissance consultants to make it work. Read our blog.

The data sharing conundrum in the NHS
02 August 2017 | Posted by Nas Taibi

WebOps lead Nas talks about how far the NHS has come to become the world-leading healthcare provider.

A closer look at Gauntlt
07 July 2017 | Posted by Gary Tate

Senior Security Engineer Gary Tate Gauntlt offers guidance on configuring and implementing Gauntlt within your environment.

The ongoing trouble with timeouts
05 July 2017 | Posted by Andrew Kilgore

This blog discusses Timeouts, what they are, why they’re needed and best practices using them.

The story of the Kainos WebOps Academy
05 July 2017 | Posted by Rachel George

Find out more about our eight-week WebOps Academy and how to apply for this fantastic opportunity.

Celebrating our first Earn as you Learn graduate!
22 June 2017 | Posted by Leah Fullerton

The Kainos guide to graduating with a computing degree, with no student debt