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High Tide – Reflections from Agile on the Beach
Read our retrospective on Agile on the Beach here.
05 October 2016 | Posted by Marc Heasman

Read Marc Heasman’s retrospective on Agile on the Beach, the UK’s leading Agile conference and what he took from it here.

Standing out from the crowd with the perfect CV
Putting together your first CV? Want to give yours that edge? Check out our new blog post for some expert tips.
25 September 2016 | Posted by Donna Russell

Putting together your first CV? Want to give it that winning edge? Check out our new blog post for some expert hints and tips.

A year working on the MOT modernisation project
Read Scrum Master Jorge's recommendations on working on large projects with distributed agile
25 September 2016 | Posted by Jorge Campos Prieto

Working on a large agile project? Our Scrum Master Jorge has some recommendations based on his time working on MOT modernisation.

Agile Development: a report from Swansea Conn 2016
23 September 2016 | Posted by Richard Morgan

Kainos Senior Developer, Richard Morgan, shares his highlights from the second annual Swansea Conn held this September.

Whiteboard: low-cost collaborative services
Using this open-source collaboration tool as a low-cost interactive whiteboard
19 September 2016 | Posted by Corey Duffy

Corey Duffy explores how an open-source collaboration tool can be used as an effective and low-cost interactive whiteboard.

Thoughts from Progressive Web App Dev Summit 2016
A brief recent history of native (apps) versus web(sites)
09 September 2016 | Posted by Matthew Fitch

A brief recent history of native (apps) versus web(sites) Back at Macworld 2007 during the launch of the first iPhone, Steve Jobs announced Safari as one of the key features of the device, giving users access to the web and allowing developers to build applications for iPhone “using the most modern web standards.” Well, as it turned out, the latest…

Learn to Fail Better by Drawing
Darren talks about how he used our £250 skills development budget on learning to draw
06 September 2016 | Posted by Darren McIlveen

I work for a great Belfast-based company. Every year each employee is encouraged to spend some of the company’s money to learn a new skill. This isn’t about professional development. It’s about the individual and stimulating the mind and soul some other way. “I know”, I thought to myself, “I’ll do a stunt driving course!…

My placement year in Kainos
Read what placement software engineer Justin had to say about his year in Kainos
05 September 2016 | Posted by Justin Graham

I had just started my first week of second year at University when I got the phone call – I could not have been happier! Kainos offering me a placement was something I had wanted for quite a while. Being inspired by the company had driven me to what I wanted in a career. The…

Mentoring the iOS developers of the future
Kelly, Graduate Software Engineer discusses working at Kainos for the first year of her career in IT.
25 August 2016 | Posted by Kelly Moore

“I think I’ve learnt more in one week of AppCamp than in a whole year of uni” – A quote from one of our AppCampers this year, and no, we didn’t make her say that! How I got here… After an amazing placement year with Kainos where I got many opportunities and gained much more experience…

Vote for our SXSW 2017 entries
15 August 2016 | Posted by Peter Connaghan

Pitching for a presenting slot at SXSW (South by Southwest) has become an annual Kainos tradition, and over the past few years our people have enjoyed tremendous success. They’ve taken to the stage to present on a range of technology related themes – from generating conversation on the need for greater digital skills education amongst young people at…

Migrating to the Cloud – Part 2
11 August 2016 | Posted by Sam McKee

In part 1 of this blog I discussed the groundwork that should be carried out before deciding to proceed with a migration to the cloud. This post picks up from that point and looks at some of the practicalities once the decision to proceed has been taken and the preferred cloud provider identified. Have the…

Migrating to the Cloud – Part 1
05 August 2016 | Posted by Sam McKee

‘Programming’- like ‘loving’ – is a single word that encompasses an infinitude of activities. The same can be said of “migration” when applied to moving IT systems into a cloud environment. Variables that include environment scale, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, P2V, V2V, on-premise to cloud, cloud to cloud, “lift and shift”, upgrading software versions during migration…

My year in UX Design
Eilis describes her first year as a UX Designer in Kainos
02 August 2016 | Posted by Eilis van der Merwe

When I started to write this post about my year as a UX Designer within Kainos, my first initial thought was “how do I write this post without it being completely cheesy and cliché?”. The worry to be over the top lasted all of 5 minutes. So prepare for the cheese. When searching for a…

Why Workday’s acquisition of Platfora makes sense.
29 July 2016 | Posted by Darragh McConville

I’ve spoken to a few people this week who have expressed surprise at Workday’s acquisition of Platfora.  I wanted to pen this blog to explain why I feel it makes sense. What is Platfora? Platfora is an Hadoop-only, big data discovery platform that includes data preparation and visualisation.  Its goal is to empower business users to…

Agile Support : Not just turning things off and on again
27 July 2016 | Posted by Stephen McCalden

I’ve worked in support now for coming up on 10 years and trying to tell people what I do usually involves avoiding that word “support”. It just conjures up all the wrong images of socially inept people stuck in a basement of an office who get summoned when customers need to resolve the magic of…

AWS Enterprise Summit, London, July 2016.
18 July 2016 | Posted by Adam Donnelly

I was in two minds about going to the AWS Enterprise Summit. But I was I glad I did. If you’re going to go to any conference — and you’re interested in doing technology better — go to an AWS Summit. (Even if you use another cloud, like Azure or Skyscape, still go… you’ll learn a lot that’s highly…

Agile Cymru 2016 Wrap-up
14 July 2016 | Posted by Richard Morgan

Agile Cymru (meaning Agile Wales) ran over 2 days at the Millennium Centre in Cardiff from July 5-6. It focused on the best practices of working in an Agile way and provided many opportunities to learn from the key figures working in the industry as well as the chance to share your thoughts with others….

Business Analysis: Never a dull moment!
In the next in our series of careers blogs, Kainos’ Alison Coote explains how she got involved in Business Analysis from being a hands-on techie!
12 July 2016 | Posted by Alison Coote

From Hardware to Software  I’m a Business Analyst, that probably won’t mean much to some of you who are reading this or indeed if you are technical you might already have switched off by now. That was certainly my view when i was at university, and to be honest, up until that point my background was more…

DevOps Enterprise Summit London 2016
08 July 2016 | Posted by Gareth Workman

Last week I took some time out to get myself along to the DevOps Enterprise Summit (DOES16). The conference was described as: DevOps Enterprise Summit is a conference for the leaders of large, complex organizations implementing DevOps principles and practices. The goal is to give leaders the tools and practices they need to develop and…

A day in the life of a Senior Software Engineer
30 June 2016 | Posted by Siona Murray

In the next in our series of careers blogs, Kainos’ Siona Murray invites you to take a look into the journey she took from Placement Student all the way to Senior Software Engineer. Where my journey began… I joined Kainos back in August 2011 as a Placement Software Engineer. I’d heard about the company from one…

The Cloud  – Security
28 June 2016 | Posted by Alan Canning

A question I come across all the time in my field of work as a Managed Cloud Engineer is “Will my data be secure in the Cloud?” Whether it is for an on-premise to cloud migration project whereby a customer is wants to lift and shift their current estate, or even just parts of it…

Big Data Belfast 2016 – What a difference a year makes
22 June 2016 | Posted by Siona Murray

A couple of weeks ago I attended the Big Data Belfast 2016 conference in the spectacular Titanic building. I attended the same conference last year and have been to numerous meetups in the past 12 months. So this got me thinking about how far the data analytics space has come over the course of the…

My path to Project Management
15 June 2016 | Posted by Laura Clatworthy

In the next in our series of careers blogs, Kainos’ Laura Clatworthy invites you to take a look into the world of a Project Manager (PM), working on world-changing projects as part of our Digital Services team. I’m currently working in Kainos as a Project Manager, and I’ll start by explaining how I got here….

Hadoop Summit 2016
14 June 2016 | Posted by Caoimhe Boyle

You may have recently read Tom’s recap of Strata and Hadoop World, San Jose which is the key conference hosted by our partners Cloudera. The equivalent event hosted by the other big player in the Hadoop Distribution space, Hortonworks, is Hadoop Summit, and this year we were fortunate enough that the location for Hadoop Summit Europe was…

Working for the wrong company?
09 June 2016 | Posted by Alan Jennings

Priorities and Compromise When I was last looking for work I made a scoring matrix of what gets me out of bed in the morning and would make me want to join a company. Location Progression Salary and benefits Employee feedback Investment in employees (training and conferences) Social Then by applying MoSCoW method to your priorities you can…

Digital Leaders – Embedding an Agile Mindset into Organisations: 10 Take-Aways
08 June 2016 | Posted by Ciaran Hanway

As part of its mission to deliver world class digital services to government, Kainos gives special focus to the digital transformation of organisations to better prepare them to serve their users and deliver value faster. A key element of this is Agile transformation, and so we were pleased to host an event in partnership with…

Build Master
06 June 2016 | Posted by Alan Jennings

The role Build Master came from the book Continuous Delivery with the aim of empowering someone to keep an eye on the builds in large distributed teams. We have implemented this role in two small scale teams one of which was partially distributed, this article talks about the rules we set up and my findings…

Build vs. Buy – what to do?
26 May 2016 | Posted by Davey McGlade

As a developer or architect, you’ll often be faced with a problem that you need to address for a customer, for example, maybe you need to search across data stores, or have some form of workflow* or even store content. How do you solve it? Inevitably the question becomes one of ‘should we build something’…

Code monkey versus Engineer?
12 May 2016 | Posted by Aislinn McBride

In BelTech this year I had the pleasure of co-organising a section ‘Software Engineering, not Coding’ with Dave Anderson, Director of Technology, Liberty IT Belfast.  It inspired the article below which encapsulates the theme of the session. What a joy it is to write code; it’s not just about writing if statements and while loops, it’s…

Training in Kainos: not just something we talk about!
06 May 2016 | Posted by Jane Askin

‘So what does your company offer in terms of training & development?’  It’s a question that gets asked time after time, interview after interview.  But is it a question we ask just because, well, we need to ask something? Personally, I don’t think so. In all of the years that I’ve worked in training and…