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Are you at risk of a Cyber Attack?
20 June 2017 | Posted by Christopher Allen

Listen to our webinar, where our cyber security lead will take you through some of the threats that exist today.

Continuous Risk Assessments?
19 June 2017 | Posted by Davey McGlade

David McGlade explains his suggested approach for Continuous Risk Assessment.

Design For Life – An open design case study
14 June 2017 | Posted by Thomas Swann

Tom Swann blogs about a recent project he worked on and how the development team communicated about design.

A.I.Camp: Declassified
13 June 2017 | Posted by Jordan McDonald

This summer, we’re running our first ever A.I.Camp all about machine learning and artificial intelligence. Get the inside story here!

An Opinionated view of RedHat’s OpenShift
12 June 2017 | Posted by Nas Taibi

In our new technical blog post, Kainos Senior WebOps Engineer Nas talks about Openshift.

Bringing Security into the Pipeline
05 June 2017 | Posted by Gary Tate

Find out all you need to know to bring security into the pipeline from one of our Senior Security Engineers in this new blog.

30 years on – where are we heading?
30 May 2017 | Posted by Brendan Mooney

It’s only six months after someone joins a company that you realise who told more tall tales during the interview: company or candidate!

Building the perfect Product Team
24 May 2017 | Posted by Alison Coote

An insight into what it takes to join our Product Team from Alison Coote, Product Principal.

Go Fish
11 May 2017 | Posted by Stephen Arthur

One of our delivery team recounts his experience on the Inland Fisheries NI Direct project through go-live.

Why we also feel Arcadia Data is very cool
09 May 2017 | Posted by Darragh McConville

Darragh McConville explains why we identified Arcadia Data as a unique Big Data Analytics platform

Mentoring Trainees – what I got from the experience
04 May 2017 | Posted by Christopher Gill

Lead Software Engineer Chris shares his experience of mentoring trainees in one of our development programmes!

Achievements and challenges from breaking the test silo
06 April 2017 | Posted by Barry Smyth

A look back over the achievements and challenges of changes made to our testing capability.

Technology Governance at Kainos
22 March 2017 | Posted by Peter Campbell

Does your organisation have technology governance? Find out how we work in this blog from our Digital CTO and Deputy CTO.

My Earn as you Learn Experience – part 2
01 March 2017 | Posted by Deaglan Marken

In the next of our Earn as you Learn blog series, Deaglan talks about his first steps at Kainos, and how he’s settled into the role.

Charity Volunteering days – here’s how I used mine!
17 February 2017 | Posted by Plamena Solakova

Plamena was the first Kainos employee to undertake a Charity Volunteer day. Here’s just a little about what she did!

My Earn as you Learn experience – part 1
12 February 2017 | Posted by Deaglan Marken

In the next of our Earn as you Learn blog series, Deaglan talks about applying to the scheme, and his tips for the interview process!

Giving something back
10 February 2017 | Posted by Alison Coote

Business Analyst and all-round product aficionado Alison talks about her experiences getting involved in ProductTank Belfast this February.

Balls! Learning agile principles with the ball game
08 February 2017 | Posted by Ciaran Hanway

What the agile ball game can teach you and your teams about agile principles.

Earn as you Learn – choosing a different path
07 February 2017 | Posted by Leah Fullerton

In this blog post, one of our EAYL students gives us the lowdown on the last three and a half years, experiences and opportunities.

An interview with two of our Code Club volunteers
17 January 2017 | Posted by Emma Waring

Two of our Tech Outreach programme volunteers tell us more about their experiences of running a Code Club.

Top tips for succeeding in an interview
11 January 2017 | Posted by Kieran Barber

Want to find out more about what our interviewers are looking for? Delivery Manager Kieran clears it up in his new blog post.

Perfmon: The trouble with _Total
22 December 2016 | Posted by Sam McKee

Windows Performance Monitor (Perfmon) doesn’t always do what you expect. Find out more about one of its less well known behaviours.

Coaching in Kainos – what it is, what it isn’t and how can I get better at it?
14 December 2016 | Posted by Jane Askin

Career Coaching is vital to the development of our people. Find out why in this blog from our Learning and Development team.

Immersive Tech NI Launch Party and Hackathon Roundup
Tales from the organisers of Northern Ireland’s brand-new immersive technology community
09 December 2016 | Posted by Matthew Fitch

Matthew Fitch, Software Engineer at Kainos and co-founder of Immersive Tech NI, reports on the first events run by this new community.

Being Agile: Business Survival Essentials
07 December 2016 | Posted by Marc Heasman

Watch Marc’s talk ‘Being Agile’, where he draws from the practices of some of the world’s most successful digital businesses.

How to get an Architect job (with Kainos)
01 December 2016 | Posted by Peter Campbell

How brilliant would it be if employers told you what their criteria was from the beginning? Kainos CTOs got together to do exactly that!

Writing a CV that recruiters will notice
09 November 2016 | Posted by Daniel Grant

Looking to progress your career in IT? Find out more about writing the perfect tech CV from one of our recruitment specialists.

Kainos collaborates with CSIT and NICS to create a Cyber Security Challenge
Everyone has heard about websites being hacked - with attackers getting smarter all the time, how can engineers learn up-to-date defensive techniques?
19 October 2016 | Posted by Jeremy Lindsay

Read Jeremy Lindsay’s retrospective on our Cyber Security Challenge held at NICS ICT Conference.

High Tide – Reflections from Agile on the Beach
Read our retrospective on Agile on the Beach here.
05 October 2016 | Posted by Marc Heasman

Read Marc Heasman’s retrospective on Agile on the Beach, the UK’s leading Agile conference and what he took from it here.

Standing out from the crowd with the perfect CV
Putting together your first CV? Want to give yours that edge? Check out our new blog post for some expert tips.
25 September 2016 | Posted by Donna Russell

Putting together your first CV? Want to give it that winning edge? Check out our new blog post for some expert hints and tips.