Helping people on low incomes with the cost of visiting family in prison
12 October 2018 | Posted by Chirag Agarwal

New digital service is making it easier for people on low incomes to get help with paying for visits to family and friends in prison.

Cyber incident detection for Electronic Medical Record System
13 December 2017 | Posted by Davey McGlade

David recently completed an MSc in Applied Cyber Security with Queen’s University Belfast, this post explains his project.

Cabinet Office Register to Vote Service surpasses 30 million applications
28 November 2017 | Posted by Stephen McCalden

30 million applications to register have been verified by the digital service, with 75% of these completed online

Confidently adopting agile
10 November 2017 | Posted by Joseph McKavanagh

Building confidence and understanding agile increases your chances of successfully implementing and realising the benefits.

Service Design: a view through 3 lenses
12 September 2017 | Posted by Nikos Karaoulanis

Service Design enables Kainos to deliver the right thing in the right way for the right reasons.

The role of a Renaissance Consultant in Digital Transformation
17 August 2017 | Posted by Nas Taibi

Tech fluency is the new currency – you need a solid band of renaissance consultants to make it work. Read our blog.

Continuous Risk Assessments?
19 June 2017 | Posted by Davey McGlade

David McGlade explains his suggested approach for Continuous Risk Assessment.

Design For Life – An open design case study
14 June 2017 | Posted by Thomas Swann

Tom Swann blogs about a recent project he worked on and how the development team communicated about design.

Building the perfect Product Team
24 May 2017 | Posted by Alison Coote

An insight into what it takes to join our Product Team from Alison Coote, Product Principal.

Achievements and challenges from breaking the test silo
06 April 2017 | Posted by Barry Smyth

A look back over the achievements and challenges of changes made to our testing capability.

Technology Governance at Kainos
22 March 2017 | Posted by Peter Campbell

Does your organisation have technology governance? Find out how we work in this blog from our Digital CTO and Deputy CTO.

Balls! Learning agile principles with the ball game
08 February 2017 | Posted by Ciaran Hanway

What the agile ball game can teach you and your teams about agile principles.

Perfmon: The trouble with _Total
22 December 2016 | Posted by Sam McKee

Windows Performance Monitor (Perfmon) doesn’t always do what you expect. Find out more about one of its less well known behaviours.

Kainos collaborates with CSIT and NICS to create a Cyber Security Challenge
19 October 2016 | Posted by Jeremy Lindsay

Read Jeremy Lindsay’s retrospective on our Cyber Security Challenge held at NICS ICT Conference.

High Tide – Reflections from Agile on the Beach
05 October 2016 | Posted by Marc Heasman

Read Marc Heasman’s retrospective on Agile on the Beach, the UK’s leading Agile conference and what he took from it here.

Migrating to the Cloud – Part 1
05 August 2016 | Posted by Sam McKee

‘Programming’- like ‘loving’ – is a single word that encompasses an infinitude of activities. The same can be said of “migration” when applied to moving IT systems into a cloud environment. Variables that include environment scale, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, P2V, V2V, on-premise to cloud, cloud to cloud, “lift and shift”, upgrading software versions during migration…

Agile Support : Not just turning things off and on again
27 July 2016 | Posted by Stephen McCalden

I’ve worked in support now for coming up on 10 years and trying to tell people what I do usually involves avoiding that word “support”. It just conjures up all the wrong images of socially inept people stuck in a basement of an office who get summoned when customers need to resolve the magic of…

AWS Enterprise Summit, London, July 2016.
18 July 2016 | Posted by Adam Donnelly

I was in two minds about going to the AWS Enterprise Summit. But I was I glad I did. If you’re going to go to any conference — and you’re interested in doing technology better — go to an AWS Summit. (Even if you use another cloud, like Azure or Skyscape, still go… you’ll learn a lot that’s highly…

Agile Cymru 2016 Wrap-up
14 July 2016 | Posted by Richard Morgan

Agile Cymru (meaning Agile Wales) ran over 2 days at the Millennium Centre in Cardiff from July 5-6. It focused on the best practices of working in an Agile way and provided many opportunities to learn from the key figures working in the industry as well as the chance to share your thoughts with others….

DevOps Enterprise Summit London 2016
08 July 2016 | Posted by Gareth Workman

Last week I took some time out to get myself along to the DevOps Enterprise Summit (DOES16). The conference was described as: DevOps Enterprise Summit is a conference for the leaders of large, complex organizations implementing DevOps principles and practices. The goal is to give leaders the tools and practices they need to develop and…

Big Data Belfast 2016 – What a difference a year makes
22 June 2016 | Posted by Siona Murray

A couple of weeks ago I attended the Big Data Belfast 2016 conference in the spectacular Titanic building. I attended the same conference last year and have been to numerous meetups in the past 12 months. So this got me thinking about how far the data analytics space has come over the course of the…

Digital Leaders – Embedding an Agile Mindset into Organisations: 10 Take-Aways
08 June 2016 | Posted by Ciaran Hanway

As part of its mission to deliver world class digital services to government, Kainos gives special focus to the digital transformation of organisations to better prepare them to serve their users and deliver value faster. A key element of this is Agile transformation, and so we were pleased to host an event in partnership with…

Build Master
06 June 2016 | Posted by Alan Jennings

The role Build Master came from the book Continuous Delivery with the aim of empowering someone to keep an eye on the builds in large distributed teams. We have implemented this role in two small scale teams one of which was partially distributed, this article talks about the rules we set up and my findings…

Build vs. Buy – what to do?
26 May 2016 | Posted by Davey McGlade

As a developer or architect, you’ll often be faced with a problem that you need to address for a customer, for example, maybe you need to search across data stores, or have some form of workflow* or even store content. How do you solve it? Inevitably the question becomes one of ‘should we build something’…

Code monkey versus Engineer?
12 May 2016 | Posted by Aislinn McBride

In BelTech this year I had the pleasure of co-organising a section ‘Software Engineering, not Coding’ with Dave Anderson, Director of Technology, Liberty IT Belfast.  It inspired the article below which encapsulates the theme of the session. What a joy it is to write code; it’s not just about writing if statements and while loops, it’s…

Operational readiness in a digital world
29 April 2016 | Posted by Ali Rawashdeh

Everything is going well Continuous Delivery is an approach that enables software to be deployed automatically at any point in time. The approach relies heavily on automated testing and automated deployment techniques, helping to reduce risk in the software release process. It is reliant on the use of Agile delivery methodologies (what’s the point in…

My experience of the CukeUp 2016 BDD conference
19 April 2016 | Posted by Stephen Anderson

Perhaps the simplest short description that I have come across to describe Behaviour-Driven Development is by Margaret Rouse: “Behaviour-driven development (BDD) is a software development methodology in which an application is specified and designed by describing how its behaviour should appear to an outside observer. A typical business application project would begin by having stakeholders…

A superior way to use Let’s Encrypt
19 April 2016 | Posted by Pawel Chmielinski

Let’s Encrypt is awesome. This is an objective fact. If you never heard about it and you are still using self-signed certificates, go check out the link. In short, Let’s Encrypt allows you to get valid SSL certificates for free. Once you set it up, there’s absolutely no reason to use self-signed certificates any longer….

Getting Started with Big Data & Analytics (2/4)
12 April 2016 | Posted by Darragh McConville

This post picks up where my previous Focus post left off. Build The Build phase will see you create the right capability and construct the minimum viable platform and pipeline to deliver insight quickly. 4. Develop skills In order to succeed, your foray into analytics will require new skills and expertise. You will need a mix of technologists and business experts who…

Strata and Hadoop World 2016
06 April 2016 | Posted by Thomas Swann

Strata and Hadoop World is the world’s biggest and best conference on all aspects of the data economy. I had the pleasure of attending this year’s event in San Jose, and below you can find my thoughts on the major conference themes. Hadoop continues to mature With each passing year, it becomes more difficult to pin down…