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Has your journey to cloud delivered on the promise?
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Before jumping right into the topic of cloud journeys, I’d like to step back in time to look at how many journeys start, including my own. The date was June 5th 2011 and I’d just touched down in New York to attend the Cloud Expo. By this stage I’d been specialising in cloud for about…
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How to build a business case for making the move to cloud
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Moving to the cloud promises to help companies reduce costs, increase security and become more agile. However, despite these worthwhile benefits, moving workloads to the cloud still needs a strong business case, just like any other major IT project. A conversation with my CFO at a previous workplace still rings in my ear, “Why would…
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Designing in times of crisis
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We have a large design capability here at Kainos, and group sessions of research, analysis, collaboration, workshops and creative brainstorming sessions are a key part of our work. In this free guide, our Design team offer some advice and tips on how to make remote sessions like these work, as well as ensuring all participants feel empowered to contribute.
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How to move to the cloud quickly and safely
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50% of company workloads and data are expected to be in Public Cloud within 12 months[i]. With the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies have seen their timelines accelerated and companies who were yet to think about cloud adoption have had to come up with a cloud strategy almost overnight. Unfortunately, you can’t just…
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13 ways to reduce your spending on Azure
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Controlling cloud spend is listed alongside security and governance as one of the biggest challenges that companies are currently facing – many companies that are over budget on cloud overspend by an average of 23%[i]. If your company has adopted Microsoft Azure as their cloud computing platform there are a suite of services, tools and…
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Model Ops: Getting to production with Machine Learning
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This blog looks at the challenge of taking machine learning (ML) models from the data science notebook running on a laptop to integrating ML as a robust part of a live service. The Challenge  Productionising a machine learning model is partly an organisational and cultural challenge. The area is still extremely new and even experts…
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A week in the life of a Cloud Migration Architect at Kainos
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Marty joined Kainos as a technical consultant in 2009, Marty has been working in the IT industry for over 18 years holding a wide range of roles – developer, engineer, consultant and architect. Marty is currently working as a Cloud Migration Architect and is the Azure Tech Lead in Kainos. Read more about him and what an average week looks like…
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Stepping out of my everyday – Kainos Escape Room
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When I was approached by the Applied Innovation and Corporate Social Responsibility team to help to create an escape room for NI Science Fest, I quickly found myself saying “I’m in!”. For those of you who do not know, an escape room is ‘a themed room where you and your team find clues and solve…
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Azure Migration OpenHack
Recently two colleagues and I attended a migration openhack which was hosted by Microsoft in their London office. The purpose was for us to learn the migration process in a practical lab environment and then use the new-found skills for use within our own projects and future Kainos projects. During the three days we faced…
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International Women’s Day: An interview with Suzanne Angell from Kainos
To celebrate International Women’s Day, Suzanne Angell, an Account lead in our Public Sector Digital Services team talks to Forward Role about the successes in her career. Check out the interview below to learn about what Suzanne loves most about her role, how she ended up working in the technology sector and the challenges she…
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