Anti-bribery Policy

Kainos takes a zero tolerance approach to corruption and bribery in its business dealings

Kainos takes a zero tolerance approach to corruption and bribery in its business dealings and complies fully with the UK Bribery Act 2010 (the Act). It embodies its approach in the Kainos anti-bribery policy.

The Kainos anti-bribery policy:

  • Ensures that Kainos is in compliance with all applicable laws and guidance.
  • Protects Kainos, its customers and all staff as individuals from the risks associated with breaches of the law, guidance and regulatory requirements.
  • Protects Kainos against the risk of reputational damage presented by implication in bribery and corruption charges.
  • Contributes to the elimination of bribery and corrupt practices within the sphere of the Kainos business operations.

Under the policy, all members of staff, outside persons and organisations acting on Kainos' behalf are made aware of the Kainos bribery prevention policies and procedures. Appropriate ongoing staff training and communication measures are maintained to ensure an appropriate understanding of the policies and procedures and the importance of following them.

The responsibility for compliance with this policy rests with Kainos' Senior Management who will exercise oversight, ensure regular risk assessments are carried out, ensure all reports or suspicions of bribery are investigated and ensure adequate procedures are adopted.

All staff members have a duty to ensure that they are aware of and comply with this policy.  It is the policy of Kainos that all members of staff (regardless of location of employment) shall actively avoid and prevent incidents of bribery involving the company, its staff, and any persons or organisations associated with it or acting on Kainos' behalf.

A full copy of the Kainos anti-bribery policy is available on request.