How I landed in Kainos!

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27 February 2020
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Neeha Chakrabarti

How I landed in Kainos!

Read this story from one of our Workday HCM Consultants on the big life changes that led her to find home with us!

The year of 2015 brought me to UK with lots of hopes and happiness. I started my work journey here in the UK working as a customer care representative. Although the job did not pay me well, it taught me lots of things. I developed good communication skills, learned to work in difficult situations and grew healthy relationships with my colleagues.

However, with eight years of experience in management consultancy, an engineering and management degree, I wanted more from my career. That is when I landed upon an Eventbrite announcement on social media regarding an ''Open Day'' event held by Kainos, an IT company in Derry looking for people to join their Workday Consulting Sector.

The beginning of my journey
I did my research about Kainos, Workday and more generally about IT software platforms, and concluded - why not give it a try! I went to the event, met some wonderful Workday consultants, some of Kainos' business leads and they really encouraged me by saying that one should grab every opportunity one gets to make a mark for themselves.

My mind was made up. This prompted me to apply for Workday Consultant post and as they say, rest is history. I have worked happily at Kainos in the Workday team for the last two years, and my peers have been very supportive in shaping my career. Workday is the best career change I could have asked for and I love working for Kainos.

What's so special about it here?
Since I joined Kainos in 2018, I got certified in the Workday HCM and Benefits specialisations, while gaining experience and working on various projects. The company has acknowledged my efforts by giving both rewards and motivation to develop as an all-rounder. In 2019 my family and I relocated to London due to personal reasons and Kainos has been very helpful in supporting my decision to relocate as well as helped with the transition. It has been one year and two months since my move to London and I have successfully worked on some big projects as well as with some great colleagues.

My advice to you if you're in a similar situation?
My advice to new graduates as well as to people who are looking to change career from another work field, is that Workday and Kainos are both great platforms to build your career. Both these software companies are the next big thing in IT world and rising stars in today's technology world in my opinion and I'm delighted that I made that move years ago!

I am looking forward to working on many more projects this year, get a new certification as well as progress towards my promising career.

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