How machine learning is changing the insurance industry

Machine learning can help you avoid losing out on 85-90% of insights on your data
Date posted
22 September 2022
Reading time
4 minutes

Find out how machine learning is changing the insurance industry in our latest executive summary, answering key questions such as :  

  • What is machine learning?  
  • What type of data can be used?  
  • How can we level-up our machine learning activity? 
  • + a use case on how machine learning can be used to enhance the customer journey

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Maryann Fitzgerald
Head of Insurance ·
Maryann is passionate about helping insurers grow their business through clever use of technology that delivers better business outcomes. With over 25 years of selling innovative technology solutions into the global insurance market she has worked with insurance firms to improve their business operations so they can offer exceptional customer and employee experiences.