Accelerate your Legacy Transformation

Date posted
24 February 2023
Reading time
5 mins

Is Legacy technology blocking your digital transformation?

Our Legacy Transformation method is an iterative process which can help your organisation quickly deliver value and provide structure to successfully modernise services whilst minimising the impact on data, users and other services.

With 50% of UK government IT budget being spent on legacy tech, it really is an issue for government organisations, and as a leading Digital Services provider into UK Central Government we have the expertise and experience to help you transform your organisation.

To provide you with some guidance, we’ve created our Digital Transformation eBook on Legacy technology to highlight the:

  • Key challenges relating to legacy IT systems
  • Urgent need for change
  • Common barriers to transformation.

We’ll guide you through how to:

  • Overcome these barriers
  • Support innovation
  • & reduce IT spend
  • Using our iterative approach