Kainos reaps Rewards (and Recognitions) with Workday Extend

Date posted
16 June 2020
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8 Minutes

Kainos reaps Rewards (and Recognitions) with Workday Extend

Kainos has been developing software for more than 30 years, and it 's this discipline that continues to form a huge part of what we do across the company for our own internal operations and for our customers. So, when Workday Extend was announced, we realised the opportunity to bring together the best of our software and Workday practices to seek out new ways of harnessing the Power of One for our business and for Workday customers. We have been a Workday Extend customer and implementation partner for over 18 months. Since then, we have successfully implemented custom apps for internal use and for our customers. Now that Workday Extend is generally available, we 're excited to be able to bring our knowledge and expertise to Workday customers who wish to extend their own experiences using Workday. Working on Extend projects has been a natural progression for our dedicated Extend team. Some of the applications we have built means we have been able to to retire 3rd party applications, and streamline and centralise business processes that were paper-based exercises. What 's more, we 've been exploring how Workday Extend can offer organisations a much more user-friendly and user-centric experience for day-to-day tasks. Here are the four foundations of how we approach our Workday Extend projects, based upon our years of software development discipline:  width=


We collaborate with our customers and deliver iteratively, ensuring the application meets your needs.


User Centric

We work closely with all user personas during design and build to ensure the final application is simple to use.


Best Practice

We apply best practices in software design and development ensuring applications are secure, performant and maintainable.



We mix Workday Extend with other technologies to solve the most complex problems.

It 's these principles that continue to feed into how we 're exploring solutions for Workday Extend customers, as well as our own company-wide Rewards & Recognition application.

Rewards & Recognition

Before our Workday Extend team turned their attentions to how we recognised and rewarded colleagues for going above and beyond, the process gave very little visibility of nominations to people managers, and was a manual effort. With Workday Extend, we saw an immediate opportunity to streamline this process and make the experience user-friendly, so that anyone at Kainos could easily and quickly nominate an outstanding colleague for their work. We put the principles listed above to the test. We undertook a number of user design sessions to ensure the application would work for all user personas nominators, people managers, talent managers and receivers. We ended up with an application that has had fantastic uptake across our 1700+ workforce and ensures all reward feedback ends up in Workday. Simple, user-friendly and easily accessible, our Rewards & Recognition application truly showcases both our own approach to user centric software development, and what 's possible on Workday Extend.
As a customer and partner we are truly excited about the apps we can build for Kainos and for our customers.

Interested in learning more?

If you think your organisation could benefit from all of the possibilities that Workday Extend can offer, or you 're facing unique challenges that call for unique solutions, then there are several areas we 'd love to help you with if you currently have a Workday Extend license or are thinking about getting one.

Free application discovery

If you have identified a use case for extending Workday, or want to find out more about Workday Extend, Kainos will:
  • Provide your team with an overview of Workday Extend, using real world demos and use cases to help you understand the capabilities of Workday Extend.
  • Help you explore possible use cases for Workday Extend.

Build & Deliver

We do the analysis, design, build and testing. You do the UAT. Perfect if you don 't have the required skills available internally.

Advise & Assist

We share our extensive Workday technology and software experience with your internal IT team to guide, advise and collaborate with you across all stages of Extend app development to make you self-sufficient in building your own apps.

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