Kainos releases major update to Evolve EMR platform

Date posted
13 July 2020
Reading time
6 Minutes

Kainos has released a major update to its Evolve electronic medical record platform, radically updating the user interface (UI) and usability of the system. Kainos Evolve 4.0 has been eagerly awaited by NHS and HSE Trusts across the UK and Ireland and will be implemented at customer sites over the coming months.

Evolve is currently being used in over 30 trusts across the UK & Ireland, securely managing over 38 million patient records and over 1.9 billion images. The platform digitises patients' records ensuring clinicians have instant access to up to date medical records from anywhere in their hospital without the need to pass around physical medical notes. Evolve helps to improve information sharing and collaboration across systems and care teams, improving the efficiency of clinicians and supports better decision-making - as information is available instantly at point of care. It also helps trusts move towards paperless working and supports the request for access to real-time digital information, as laid out in the UK Government's 2020 Personalised Health and Care Agenda.

The update is the result of user feedback and user-centred design principles ensuring a refreshed look and feel to the platform. Users will benefit from the following improvements and features:

  • Updated iconography and colours to ensure greater accessibility to those with visual impairment or colour blindness.

  • Improved navigation.

  • Easier to access help and tips to make sure end users can maximise the benefits of all features available.

  • Enhancements to the filtering, searching, saving functions and what information is displayed on key screens.

  • Faster and more responsive UI.

Additionally, our EMR-As-A-Service customers also benefit from maximised availability, advanced security, fully managed end-to-end operational maintenance, managed upgrades by dedicated Evolve platform experts and ease of scalability.

John Smith, Healthcare Director at Kainos added: 'We are delighted to roll out our updated and improved interface to Evolve. We are constantly working to create faster and smarter solutions to better aid clinical delivery and updates like this are a result of our continuous improvement mindset.'

To find out more about Evolve or to speak to a member of our healthcare team click here.