Workday 2024R1: Strategies for successful update testing

Catch up as Workday experts and users explain the latest Workday update release, what it means for you and how to ensure you are always one step ahead when it comes to testing.
Date posted
7 February 2024
Watch time
50 minutes

As users prepare for the first major Workday update of 2024, our latest webinars explored how to develop and implement an update testing strategy that works for your business.

Kainos testing experts were joined by experienced Workday customers, BUPA and First American, who shared insights into their tried and tested strategies for making the most out of the preview window and maximising value for end users.

From engaging stakeholders to implementing the latest features, these webinars covered everything you need to know about streamlined, effective Workday update testing.

Successful Update Testing With BUPA

Successful Update Testing With First American

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