Would you rather launch Workday with a whimper or a roar?

This may be the largest and most transformative project you ever lead. Get off to a strong start with these pro tips.
Date posted
25 April 2018
Reading time
5 minutes

Technology won’t solve your problems if you don't address the underlying issues

Addressing business and operational issues should be Priority 1

Don't just digitally replicate bad workflows

Over time process can become cumbersome, redundant, poorly defined and inefficient. There’s a limit to the benefits Workday can deliver for your business if you have poor processes and procedures. So detailed assessment of how you currently conduct things and an agreed strategy on how to resolve those must be top a priority.

What condition is your data in?

Teams often are deep into their implementation process before they look at their data and discover that the quality, consistency and quantity isn’t as good as they thought. And then there’s the data formats to contend with during migration from old systems to new.

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