Frankfurt, Germany and London, UK – April 2019 –  Kainos, a leading provider of digital services and platforms, has announced a successful collaboration with Skeyos, an independent spin-off of Lufthansa Technik, to create a ground-breaking cloud-based eCommerce solution designed to streamline the purchase and sale of repair services and aircraft components in the aviation business.  

Skeyos Marketplace is a true leap forward for the aviation Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) industry. The online procurement platform efficiently reduces the complex logistics, paperwork and time taken to place orders, as well as providing a transparent process for its users.   

The highly secure and scalable solution is hosted in a world-class, cloud environment. By using cloud hosting, Kainos reduced the upfront infrastructure costs and made the creation of this new platform more feasible. The platform, hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), also has automation features to allow seamless integration with suppliers, enabling a streamlined process and a unique sourcing channel for purchasers, providing suppliers access to a larger pool of potential customers.  

Hans Bernd Schmidt, Managing Director, Skeyos said “Thanks to the MRO industry service built by Kainos, we have successfully onboarded four times our target number of purchasers on to the Marketplace platform. The scalable cloud-based solution has enabled us to launch our platform in the US and Asia, as well as the European market. We chose to partner with Kainos because of their strengths in UX design, their agile approach and ability to mobilise a team to quickly develop ideas into workable solutions.” 

Russell Sloan, Head of Digital Services at Kainos commented “In seeing the limitations of existing B2B solutions, the Skeyos and Kainos teams opted for a unique, tailored solution that would deliver a ‘many sellers’ to ‘many buyers’ platform. The Skeyos team trusted our expertise to build this platform that delivers their aims while also growing their new business, and we’re delighted to deliver a solution that doesn’t constrain them with out-of-the-box product limitations. Once again, we have  been able to prove that our approach is particularly compatible with and adds value for entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial companies.”