London, UK – December 6th, 2011 – UK children’s charity, the NSPCC, has found itself relying increasingly on the application management services division of Kainos, as it strives to counteract the impact of economic pressures on public donations.

With 3,000 employees who rely on the timely access to accurate information to do their jobs effectively, and an army of 3,500 volunteers who use online resources to drive and support their fundraising activities, IT is critical to the charity’s performance.

Technology solutions company Kainos has played a key role in providing software development and support services to the organisation since 2009. The relationship has grown as the NSPCC has experienced Kainos’s deep technical expertise around Microsoft.Net and Microsoft Office SharePoint System on which many of the NSPCC’s IT systems are now based. Today, Kainos looks after the charity’s overarching SharePoint environment, the web sites that have been built on top of this, its Donations application which is based on an older Microsoft .Net platform, and a series of legacy applications.

“Any development work to undertake enhancements is completed via the support team who are already familiar with the applications,” notes Colin Cherry, senior IS business partner at the NSPCC. “This maximises efficiency and, when combined with the competitive rates, gives a very commercially compelling model.

“The people at Kainos are very professional, very pragmatic in their approach and have excellent skills in all the areas we need, which means they can fix problems very promptly,” he adds. “Their experience of even the more niche technologies we use is second to none.”

The real value, though, is in the business’s perception of the IT service, he notes. “Before, users felt that problems they reported went into a black hole and were never addressed. Now, they’re fixed within 48 hours, which has resulted in a very positive response from the business. The quality of our service has gone up significantly since engaging Kainos.”