Kainos celebrates 25 years of being ISO 9001 Certified
26 June 2018 | Posted by Declan Caddell

Lots of impressive things happened in 1993. Dyson sells the first bagless cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner. Intel introduced the Pentium microprocessor. Microsoft released Windows NT 3.1. Jurassic Park (the original) was in movie theatres around the Planet. And the World Wide Web was born at Cern.

Here at Kainos, we celebrated our 5th birthday (that was 25 years ago) by achieving ISO 9001 certification. Back then there were less than 50 thousand world-wide with an ISO9001 certification, now there are over one million!

That must have been a crazy party, we hear you say (with more than a hint of sarcasm), but hear us out: our ISO 9001 certification has, over the last 25 years, enabled us to do some very exciting stuff indeed. And that includes being qualified to compete for digital transformation projects and contracts, around the world and in all kinds of marketplaces, from travel to financial services.

Private sector clients are reassured by our ISO9001, ISO27001 and ISO20000 credentials as evidence of our commitment to planning for and striving to meet their needs. In the public sector, it’s a fundamental requirement.

To date, Kainos has been involved in 7 out of 25 UK Government digital exemplar projects and more than 70 digital transformation projects. Our work has positively impacted 55 million UK citizens across projects for key government agencies and departments including Student Awards Agency Scotland, DVSA, DVLA, the Home Office, the Welsh Government, NI Civil Service and MOJ.

Our ISO certifications continue to drive our focus on innovation. Continuous improvement is a fundamental principle of ISO standards, which is firmly embedded in our culture; it has helped us enhance our service delivery, implement efficiencies and cost-savings, improve business-critical processes and outputs, and ultimately reduce the risk of issues impacting our business. In our case, that’s 25 years of incremental improvement, year on year. It’s an achievement we are tremendously proud of!

Ultimately for Kainos, consistently achieving accreditation to an ISO standard isn’t just a marketing tool or another gong to feature in a brochure: we have lived and breathed it for 25 years; it’s part of our DNA because we see how beneficial its proper implementation is for our customers, our people and our business.

And that’s something we’ll continue to celebrate.

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