Kainos has worked with BT and the NI Digital Transformation Service (DTS) to deliver a diverse digital transformation project to rebuild the customer experience, IT operations and business functions for Inland Fisheries Group (IFG).

This project forms the first, fundamental building block for a larger five-year transformation strategy within IFG. Fishermen throughout Northern Ireland will benefit from the streamlined IFG license application process. There is now one system and a simplified range of licenses and permits to make it easy for fishermen to find the right license and for the IFG to manage the process.

IFG, part of Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA), is the regulatory body for angling and commercial fishing in Northern Ireland. It’s the first port of call for everything from licenses and permits to protection and education. It has a far-reaching remit with approximately 40,000 licenses processed each year.

Kainos built a new easy to use customer portal hosted on nidirect.gov.uk with a simplified user choice selection to ensure the correct permits are selected by customers using the online service. Development of a new mobile application by the Kainos team also enables Enforcement Officers within IFG to check a fisherman’s permit simply by taking the license number. This eliminates the need for officers to see paper permits and verify them with back office staff over the phone.

The new online service is not only easy to use for fishermen, but also enables information sharing. A shared management information system underpinned by a central database for permit holder details makes the license management enforcement processes much more efficient.

Distributor Una Savage from Downpatrick Visitor Information Centre said: “The new online system has transformed the way we work. The new paper-free process and automated invoicing saves time and allows us to provide a faster service. It also allows us to sell directly to people who receive DLA/Disabled benefits – before they had to contact DAERA and wait for their application to be processed and delivered through the post. So all in all a much more efficient service for everyone.”

Sam Bolton, divisional director from Kainos said “The digital transformation of IFG is an example of how processes and systems can be refined, simplified and brought up-to-date to the benefit of both government organisations and their citizens. The cross collaboration efforts of the Digital Transformation Service, BT and Kainos have successfully delivered the first element in a larger strategic transformation of IFG services.  We’re delighted to be part of this exciting development and look forward to delivering benefit to IFG and its users in the future.”