Kainos, a leading provider of digital services and platforms, today launched its first A.I.Camp, a two-week course for university students designed to provide a grounding in the core skills required to develop and manage Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The camp takes place at the Computer Science Centre of Queen’s University Belfast, and will give students the chance to participate in workshops and practical sessions on AI and machine learning, and how it can be used to benefit our lives.

As technology skills continue to grow in importance in the job market, courses like A.I.Camp play a key role in giving students the experience they need to stand out from the competition. The camp will also showcase the thriving technology culture in Northern Ireland, already a major UK tech hub.

“I want to leave university with more than just a degree. I want to gain industry experience,” said Brooke Kirk from Ulster University, one of the attendees. “A.I.Camp will allow me to learn about a new area of technology, gain new technical skills and ultimately expand on what I’ve been learning at university.”

Students will get hands-on teaching on how to code applications for cutting-edge technology including computer vision and machine learning. The event will culminate in a 12-hour hackathon where students can put their new skills to the test, with prizes going to the best creations.

“As we progress and AI becomes more powerful, we will see it become commonplace in everyday life, from smart homes to smart cities,” added Jake Young, also from Ulster University. “The efficiency of everyday life will improve, and as computer systems become more powerful with the likes of quantum computing, possibilities that we may never have dreamed will become open to us. I look forward to gaining all the knowledge I can in this area at A.I. Camp to improve my ability to contribute to that development in the future.”

Tom Gray, Group CTO at Kainos, commented: “Kainos is proud to launch one of the first AI-focused summer camps in the UK. It’s a great way to get the next generation inspired  and help the best and brightest succeed. Events like this not only showcase the flourishing digital skills in the UK – they also highlight the importance of technology to the future economy, and give young people the chance to be at the forefront of technology innovation.”

“AI gives us a different perspective to solve existing problems with more efficient solutions,” concluded Shusma Balaji, from the University of Cambridge “and A.I. Camp is a great way to plug into that revolution.”