David McGlade, Principal Architect at Kainos, has been awarded a special prize for his MSc in Applied Cyber Security dissertation from Queen’s University Belfast. David was part of a cohort of four colleagues all achieving distinction status, who will now bring their learning back to the business within our growing Cyber Security capability.

David passed the certification in December 2017, funded by Kainos as part of the Further Study programme. On top of this, he received the prestigious Hawker Siddeley Award from the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences at Queens for the work he did in his dissertation around Cyber threat detection in EMR systems.

David summarised his research; “Cyber incidents in hospital systems have risen 63% in the UK and 243% in the US, to the end of 2016, so it’s clearly an important topic and one we need to learn to tackle effectively. My research uses techniques such as machine learning and time-series anomaly detection to protect patient data and endure that medical records remain accessible to doctors.”

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