James-Hughes-Developer-KainosLondon, UK – March 28th, 2012 – James Hughes, a technical architect from Kainos today presented at DevWeek, the UK’s biggest annual conference for software developers, database professionals and software architects. James educated the audience on BDD (behaviour driven development) and how it works in the .NET world. A full description of the session can be found below, along with the presentation slides.

BDD and .NET

Behaviour Driven Design/Development is an interesting premise, but does it really work? What benefits does it offer and how can we successfully apply its principles in the .NET world? We can answer these questions by reviewing the principles around BDD and diving into the technologies that exist in the .NET world that support these principles.

From low-level unit focused testing technologies all the way up to the more abstract integration and acceptance level suite of specifications, automated testing and continuous integration, we will see that .NET isn’t lacking in choice. As a bonus we will address the oft ignored testing of our JavaScript project components using tools such as Jasmine and QUnit.

Presentation Slides


During its four day run the conference will feature over 100 technical sessions and workshops delivered by some of the world’s best known software developers. For more information, visit the DevWeek webiste.