We help you to understand your users’ needs and build successful digital services using agile delivery, in line with GDS standards. Our experience of user-centred service design, product management and business transformation will help you to maximise your return on investment and stay competitive in the digital age.

We are committed to helping our customers build their own digital capability – it’s all about collaboration and partnership.

What does Digital Consulting involve?

Our experience of delivering agile projects has taught us that successful transformation initiatives require changes in process and mind-set at all levels in the organisation. At Kainos, we use a diverse set of skills to help our clients make these changes effectively:


Product Management:

We help clients translate their processes, stakeholder needs and business strategy into an effective digital service vision, maximising cost-effectiveness and minimising time-to-market.

User Research & Design:

From insights to performance measurement, we help define and design multichannel service experiences that are based on user needs, expectations, and behaviours.


Enabling Digital Capability:

We coach, benchmark and accelerate the creation of long-lasting digital agile delivery capabilities in client organisations.

Digital Transformation:

We help clients focus on the broader process, cultural and organisational changes that are needed to become a truly digital business.



How can it benefit you?



Delivery Experience:

We’ve done this successfully many times before, so our advice is grounded in real service delivery, and our recommendations are relevant and have measurable outcomes.




We promote a shift from outputs to outcomes-based decision-making, and make a direct link between digital projects and business strategy.



Digital Leadership:

We challenge your thinking with a fresh perspective informed by many years’ experience in service delivery to the GDS Service Standard. We do this to support your organisation’s digital transformation embedding organisational and culture change needed to become an agile business.



User Focused:

We base our service design around user needs, and make design and development decisions that are informed by user insights.



Enabling Digital Capability:

Through coaching, training and working together with you to deliver world class leading digital services for citizens, we will leave a sustainable skills and cultural change legacy in your organisation.



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