Not another code monkey…

I’m Tharack Ahmed and I am not another code monkey.

Okay, maybe I am… a little. I am employed as a Senior Software Engineer, but I am so much more, at least in my head I am.

The back story…

Cue the dramatic flashback. A budding software developer, degree in hand, set out to set the software industry alight. Alas, 17 years later and having transitioned through various roles in software development, I have not found fame nor fortune, but the dream is still alive. Having had the opportunity to work in roles such as team lead, scrum master and delivery manager (roles which I have thoroughly enjoyed), I have always felt the calling and at most ease when I was figuring out solutions to technical problems and being a general code warrior.

Fast forward to the present day. Enter stage left…Kainos!!!

Previously, working for companies that have provided software solutions for the emergency services and the ministry of defence it was always important for me that wherever I decided to work next, it was doing something that effected positive change in people’s lives. This is where Kainos came in, I was duly impressed by some of the projects that Kainos were involved in, which had heavily influenced my decision to join (…the pay wasn’t bad either).

Currently, I earn my crust as a Full Stack Developer and a Live Support Engineer for Ministry of Justice. I work as part of a distributed team from the Kainos Birmingham offices with fortnightly travel to London to be with the main development team. There are three of us in the distributed team and over thirty-five in the main team. Some of the tech that we use is Postgres, Java, Spring boot, Node JS and Typescript.

As well as, my day job, I take part in Birmingham Leadership meetings. I have had the privilege to help build up the Kainos brand in Birmingham through being involved with recruitment drives, meetups and local charities. I am helping to build teams, infrastructure as well put in place strategies that would ensure the longevity of the Kainos brand in Birmingham. It has enabled me to hone some of my soft skills that I have picked up along the years, while keeping an emphasis on my technical abilities and the journey to Technical Architect.

So why Kainos … please excuse the enthusiasm

There are many things that I love about working here.

There is a buzz that fluctuates throughout the office that makes it a vibrant place to be. My colleagues, all from different backgrounds, bring a diversity and a dynamic to the working day that makes you want to come into the office and be a part of the Kainos team. Similarly, the team in London is packed full of wonderful and experienced people, that makes me look forward to working closely with them every time I travel to London.

Another thing I feel I need to highlight is Kainos’ commitment to a career path for each and every individual. There is an emphasis on working on your career and working to gain on the job expertise and experience. This was another thing that attracted me to Kainos, and it hasn’t been empty promises either. Ok yes, projects are busy, yes finding time can be difficult but in the end the commitment and delivery is still there.

I will be coming up to my first anniversary with Kainos this July and it’s already been a great start to my journey.

Find out more about us and join our Birmingham team here.