From Spectrum 48K to Solution Architecture   
25 October 2017 | Posted by Gordon Pimblott

I’m Gordon, and I’m currently working as a Solution Architect at Kainos. I’ve written a short blog post on the career path I followed to get to where I am today, working on digital transformation projects at Kainos!

I’ve always loved programming. From my first Spectrum 48K (yes, the one with the rubber keys) to my current selection of Macs and PCs. I enjoy the challenge of solving problems and delivering software. It won’t be a surprise then that I followed a traditional route into software engineering A-Level Computer Science and then a BSC in Computer Science. Following my degree, I started work at a large defence company and stayed there for the next 20+ years. During this time, I worked on all sorts of software and embedded systems; performing several roles and working my way up the career ladder. I was also able to achieve Chartered IT Professional and Chartered Engineer status.

Moving to a more Agile company

My previous company was mostly large, slow moving, waterfall projects – with a hint of agile(ish) on the side.  After 20+ years with the same company I decided that it was time for a change, it was now or never to try something completely new. I wanted somewhere I could test my talents, learn new skills and be exposed to lots of new ideas and projects.  I will admit that this was a little scary after 20+ years in the same company.

Becoming Agile – now or never!

Coming from a largely waterfall background I found myself in a fast-moving Agile world.  This iterative, user focused approach allows projects to be continually enhanced to meet the users’ needs and was a refreshing change.

When looking for my new career I was attracted to Kainos by their focus on employees, and the wide range of important projects that they work on. Not to mention all the different technologies that I get to use on a project to project basis. My current project is working with Land Registry to deliver a new single Register of Local Land Charges for England.  This is a nationally important system that will be used by thousands of people. It’s very rewarding to work on projects like this.

Growing as a technical lead

I joined Kainos as a Technical Architect and quickly established myself as a lead architect.  I took on more responsibility, getting involved in key design decisions and customer meetings, leading to my promotion to Solution Architect. Throughout my time with Kainos I have found it an extremely supportive environment, enabling me to gain experience and confidence; with colleagues close by if I needed advice.

Rewards and challenges

Since starting with Kainos three years ago, I have worked on a number of different projects. These have ranged from large projects, such as the DVSA MOT modernisation programme, to smaller discovery and consultancy engagements.  I have worked with organisations such as DVSA,Welsh Government, Office for National Statistics and Land Registry.  On every project, I have worked with lots of talented people, using a range of technologies on interesting and diverse problems.

Working on life-changing projects

For me the highlight of working at Kainos is the diverse range of projects that I work on.  I have been lucky enough to work on nationally important systems that impact the lives of thousands of people.  This must be closely followed by the talented and friendly people that I work with every day, both in Kainos and the customers that I work with.

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