Time-series, time taken seriously
Time-series – as the name suggests – is recording points of data against time. This time can be as large as years or as precise as microseconds or nanoseconds. Using this data structure we can apply time-series analysis and time-series forecasting to it.   Analysis looks at how some metric changes over time and what…
Reflections on Strata Data 2019
Reflections on the Strata Data Conference 2019 in London.
Getting started with Big Data & Analytics (4/4)
Ten crucial steps to establish a foundation for organisation-wide success.
And Then There Were Two
Like many others, we were quite surprised at the news that the proverbial guns had been lowered between Cloudera and Hortonworks after a decade of intense rivalry.  The news of their mega-merger percolated through social media circles with admissions of shock but not horror. And although I was reminded of a prior premonition, I was as…
Getting Started with Big Data & Analytics (3/4)
Four steps to getting started with Big Data and Analytics
Governed Data, Powerful Resource
There are plenty of articles on how to work towards GDPR compliance. This isn’t one of those.
Detecting unusual user activity – A proof of concept
Read our new post on a proof of concept our Data team worked on recently, using machine learning to identify anomalous users of a service.
Is this thing on?
Marc Heasman talks about the sources of insights valuable in understanding user needs.
Why we also feel Arcadia Data is very cool
Darragh McConville explains why we identified Arcadia Data as a unique Big Data Analytics platform
Why Workday’s acquisition of Platfora makes sense.
I’ve spoken to a few people this week who have expressed surprise at Workday’s acquisition of Platfora.  I wanted to pen this blog to explain why I feel it makes sense. What is Platfora? Platfora is an Hadoop-only, big data discovery platform that includes data preparation and visualisation.  Its goal is to empower business users to…