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Northern Ireland’s First Space Data Hackathon

Mary-Jane McBride shares her experience of taking part in a first of its kind hackathon in NI.

Is this thing on?

Marc Heasman talks about the sources of insights valuable in understanding user needs.

Why we also feel Arcadia Data is very cool

Darragh McConville explains why we identified Arcadia Data as a unique Big Data Analytics platform

Hadoop Summit 2016

You may have recently read Tom’s recap of Strata and Hadoop World, San Jose which is the key conference hosted by our partners Cloudera. The equivalent event hosted by the other big player in the Hadoop Distribution space, Hortonworks, is Hadoop Summit, and this year we were fortunate enough that the location for Hadoop Summit Europe was…

Considering #Sprint16

Sprint 16 was the annual GDS celebration of its activities last year and a glimpse of what the upcoming year will be. There were plenty of celebratory tweets trending during the day as #sprint16 of the announcements, demos and speeches. I wanted to take a little more time to reflect on the day and sift…

Our Urban Data Hackathon

Bright and early on Saturday 27th June saw Kainos’s Big Data & Analytics team land at Belfast City Hall armed with post-its, sharpies and a multitude of interesting data sets. After months of planning, Northern Ireland’s first pure-play data hackathon was born – the Urban Data Hack was underway! Making Belfast Better The Urban Data Hack…