Kainos and AI: The AI NI Hackathon; How We Won It, What We Built and Why Hackathons Matter
On the 13th and 14th of April, AI NI held their ‘Good AIdea Hackathon’.
Hack the cloud
The rapid advances in serverless technologies available via the public cloud are dynamically changing.
Northern Ireland’s First Space Data Hackathon
Mary-Jane McBride shares her experience of taking part in a first of its kind hackathon in NI.
Immersive Tech NI Launch Party and Hackathon Roundup
Matthew Fitch, Software Engineer at Kainos and co-founder of Immersive Tech NI, reports on the first events run by this new community.
The Wealth of mHealth
Kyle Davidson reports from the mHealth hackathon in Belgium.
Coding for Cardboard
In December Kainos hosted a Code for Cardboard Hackathon. The goal was to get people working together and get their creativity flowing. The event was a great success and some amazing applications were developed as a result. Many people attending the workshop didn’t know very much about creating VR applications and were mainly there to…
Offline first approach to e-commerce
Last week myself and another Kainos employee, Matthew Fitch, attended the first #EcomHackBelfast ran by Chain Reaction Technology – the technology department of Chain Reaction Cycles. This was a two-day hackathon that was based around coming up with and building ideas around e-commerce. Before the hackathon we decided on a number of ideas including: VR for…
NICS ICT 2015 Hackathon
Kainos sponsored the Hackathon at the Northern Ireland Civil Service ICT Conference 2015 where five teams had 24 hours solve a real-world problem faced by the public sector. Stephen Anderson, a Senior Software Engineer at Kainos, was one of the developers who took part in this inaugural event, and this is his story. The NICS…
Our Urban Data Hackathon
Bright and early on Saturday 27th June saw Kainos’s Big Data & Analytics team land at Belfast City Hall armed with post-its, sharpies and a multitude of interesting data sets. After months of planning, Northern Ireland’s first pure-play data hackathon was born – the Urban Data Hack was underway! Making Belfast Better The Urban Data Hack…
Planning a Google Glass Hackathon
As Google Glass is such a new and interesting device we decided to organise an internal hackathon – a Glass Hack – to allow people to brainstorm and develop their ideas. Kainos has run hackathons before, and we know that when new technology is involved a significant amount of preparation is required. This post covers a number of…
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