Vote for Kainos speakers at SXSW 2018
Kelly Moore, Jordan McDonald, Seamus Sands and Peter McAree need your votes to represent Kainos at this year's SXSW
08 August 2017

At Kainos we pride ourselves on our creative and knowledgeable people, and their talents are especially evident when it comes to pitching season for SXSW (South by Southwest). The event showcases the most exciting new ideas in a variety of areas, including programming, education future tech, and with Kainos’ reputation for innovation and creativity, it’s no surprise that our people are always keen to take part.

Over the years, representatives from Kainos have taken to the stage to present on topics as varied as digital skills education to offline web development, and this year we have four entrants hoping to follow in their footsteps. As ever, they need your votes to make it through to the next round so that they can go on to represent Kainos at this year’s event.

Read on to find out more about their pitches, and if you like what you read, take a few moments to vote for their submissions!

Kelly Moore and Jordan McDonald – Demystifying Machine Learning

“We have all encountered machine learning in our daily lives, from speech recognition to fraud detection – but do we really know what it is? This raises a compelling question: how do we build awareness around this topic?

The answer lies in education. The solution for us became A.I.Camp, a two-week scheme for university students with the goal of equipping the next generation with skills to leverage machine learning. Discover how we took an intimidating topic and lowered the barrier through A.I.Camp.”

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Seamus Sands – Educating Teachers: Closing The Digital Skills Gap

“In this technology driven world, there remains an ever-increasing skills gap within the IT industry, causing impacts to the talent pool for companies. The current education approach is failing, and speaking with teachers across Northern Ireland (NI), there is a clear lack of confidence about teaching “Digital Literacy” in the classroom.

Join me to hear how the IT industry and education authorities in NI, have come together to work collaboratively on trying to solve this problem.”

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Peter McAree – Higher Education: Just Another Line On Your CV?

“Demand for digital skills in the UK technology sector is higher than ever. How is the industry reducing the skills gap between higher education and employment? With universities struggling to keep up-to-date with technologies, is higher education becoming redundant?

Join me in a discussion about my journey into industry before higher education, how this enabled me to work with disadvantaged youth charities and witness the passionate people that we could be missing simply due to one line on a CV.”

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