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Harnessing the power of Workday Extend, our Return to Office application is helping Kainos staff return to the workplace with confidence and care. With booking, self-attestation and contact tracing functionality, it can help your staff too.


Adapt quickly and easily

As we start to return to work, there’s a lot to think about. Why not use Workday to help manage the process?

Request Return to Work
The application workflow allows employees to request to return to the workplace, with the ability for managers to approve.

The app orchestrates the issue of Covid-19 health attestations to workers—only on the days that they are scheduled to work in the office.

See how the Kainos Return to Office app works

Plan and manage safely

Eliminate uncertainty, knowing your workforce can productively and collaboratively return to work in a safe environment. Our application supports the logistics of helping your people carefully return to the workplace.

Workspace Booking
Book alongside colleagues to maximize collaboration, while capacity in each location is controlled with zone management tools.

Break teams into bubbles and schedule time/location separation to ensure business continuity in key areas across your organization.


Keep your workforce safe and informed

With organizations adjusting to new ways of working, complying with new guidelines, and all the while focusing on staff wellbeing, it can be difficult to efficiently plan or mitigate risk. Our application does the hard work for your business.

Contact Tracing
The app allows workers to report a positive Covid-19 test, and identifies who they may have come into contact with, based on office occupancy data

Report on all application data using Workday’s powerful reporting functionality for planning and auditing purposes.


Tailored to your organization’s unique needs

Our Return to Office application can be configured to align with your business:

Data Privacy 
You can configure the security of the app using standard Workday security configuration.

Configure self-attestation questions, bookable zones and bubbles specific to each location.

Third Party Systems
Use Workday integrations to connect to other organizational systems such as access control.

As the app is built with Workday Extend, existing functionality can be modified and new features can be added to suit your organization.

Ready to return?

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